There are always rules. Of course there are. OK, briefly, use common sense.if you can do it, In real Life, than it is possible on the MUSH... if it takes special training to do it, in real life, it MIGHT be possible on the MUSH, if your Character has the training to do it. As a note, anyone who breaks the rules, as always, will find punishment. When in doubt about anything, ask a Staff Member.

You can ONLY do one of the Following, in a single Combat/Init Round.

  • +Attack
  • Heal/First-aid
  • Run away (takes a full turn, and you must reinit, and everyone up until your next turn, can attack you, if they desire.
  • +Stealth/Unstealth (Unless detected)
  • +Detect Stealthed players

You can, however, draw a weapon and attack in the same round. You can drop a weapon, draw a new one, and attack in the same round (Unless noted by Staff/Judge)

You can only use an Area Attack every third round. Meaning you can throw a grenade in the first round, in the second and third, you'd have to use another attack, and if Combat is still going in the fourth round, you could use another grenade. The ONLY exception to this, is with Staff Permission.

You can not kill anyone, without Consent, and More importantly, permission from the Head-Wizes (Kadjem and/or Elizabeth Maxwell). Character Death is RARE, and must be approved, before hand, if possible.

One other thing to note, Vehicles should be used SPARINGLY against Characters, and ONLY with their approval before hand. Vehicle Weapons being what they are, alot can take people down with one shot. There are, however some exceptions. There are vehicles set up to *be* anti-people. Their weapons are set up on the smaller end of the scale.

Combat is really rather basic on the MUSH... Basic in terms of rules, and how to do it, but complicated in the impact it can have.

For how Combat work see: Combat