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Various forms of Conversion Chambers

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Various Conversion Chamber (Ham was never ICLY converted)

Conversion chambers aboard Mother Ships are used for behavior modification and as electronic interrogation devices. Only trained technicians must operate these devices. This Process was invented by Diana.

The conversion process is accomplished by focusing an extremely high-powered sensor beam on the higher function areas of a subject’s cerebral cortex. The return pulses of the beam are analyzed, and certain areas designated as "soft spots" — areas of the brain that contain memory centers and thought. Further analysis of these areas indicates to the trained data observer sectors of trauma and phobic reactions. The application of subsonic "jammers" and auditory stimulation can produce a state in the subject similar to deep hallucination.

The neural pulses can be cycled or phased to produce psychosomatic reactions and extreme discomfiture. In effect, a subject’s memories and subconscious can be used as an interrogation tool, substituting scenes and events from the past with outright physical pain. The cycles can be computer augmented, planting post-hypnotic suggestions in the subject’s subconscious. Aside from lasting mental trauma, the process also produces dangerous side effects: increased blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration are experienced during the cycling procedure. In extreme cases, these can result in cardiac arrest or an ischemic episode. The duration of the process is determined by the subject’s ability to resist the subconscious stimuli and the psychosomatic pain.

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Various Conversion Chambers

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Various Conversion Chambers

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