The standard Sirian energy weapon comes in several variations, most often as a sidearm or rifle.

The laser used in all energy weapons is of the excimer type and uses the reaction of fluorine and energized cobalt for power. A replaceable energy cell provides approximately 200 short-duration energy bursts. The pistol version has a short body and two hand-grips for accurate fire. A small muzzle guard surrounds the discharge area, acting as flash suppression during ignition. A "safety" toggle is located above the trigger to prevent accidental discharge, as well as to ensure the power cell is disengaged. The wavelength or intensity of the laser can be regulated using a control on the weapon’s side.

Selectable settings compensate for atmospheric conditions or material to be penetrated, as well as allowing the pistol’s beam to be “flattened” so it may act as a stun weapon. This latter setting turns the beam’s energy into a neural neutralizer which can effectively paralyze the target for a short time. While the setting is not lethal, it does cause second or third degree burns to the impact area.

The Sirian shock trooper carries the rifle version of the weapon, identical to the pistol with the addition of a stock for stabilization, an extended length, a sling for easy transport, and a nightscope. The scope uses infrared to track a target and a low-power slave
Laser Rifle
laser for sighting.

These Weapons are now used by the Resistance, as well as the Sirians, after enough have been stolen in raids.

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