Once you have completed the following Application, send it to:

The Subject should read: <Character>/<Faction>/<Chartype>

EX: Subject: Diana/Visitors/EFC

Answer the Following Questions:

1: Your Real Name?

2: Your Age?

3: Have you read the NEWS DISCLAIMER and NEWS RULES Files?

4: Character Name and Faction you are applying for?

5: List your Characters on the MUSH.

6: How well do you understand the Theme of the faction you are applying for?

7: Give a detailed Pre-MUSH History of the Character you are applying for.

For Non-EFC's, you are done. For EFC's You have a few more questions

8: How will you use this Character to provide Roleplay for your fellow MUSHers?

9: How much online time will you be able to offer this Character?

Send the application in, and CharStaff will get back to you ASAP.