Heather O'Leary
Personal Information
Full Name

Heather Alexandra O'Leary


Houston, Texas (Which is currently the center of the Bay of Houston)


February 5, 1975


Callsign: "Banshee"



Known Realatives

Jonathon 'John' Jamieson O'Leary (Father-Known to be Dead), Georgia Brigid O'Grady (Mother-Known to be Dead), Talos James O'Leary (Twin Brother- Believed to be Alive), Joshua Jonathon O'Leary (Adopted Son, Living in New York City with Denise Daltry), Amanda Georgia O'Leary (Adopted Daughter, Living in New York with Denise Daltry)

Faction Information

United States Marine Corp, Resistance, Ex-Science Frontiers, & United States




Resistance Leader, Airplane Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, Skyfighter Pilot, Squadship Pilot, Tanker Pilot, Mothership Pilot, Ground Assault, Martial Arts Trainer, Weapons Trainer, General Mayhem, Ex-Science Frontiers Security Chief, Resistance Cook

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

The MUSH Opening

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Love the Smirk. It says "Can I shoot him now?"

Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit



S.E.A.L. pin


John And Georgia O'Leary

Heather O'Leary was born in Houston, Texas, February 5, 1975. Her parents were ranchers, living about 100 miles north West of Houston, who came into the bigger city, only to buy things, like Feed for the Horses, or for Special medicine, and the birth of their twins. Heather and Talos, born 5 minutes apart, were the apple of John and Georgia O'Leary's eyes.

In 1960, when John was 20, he joined the Navy. He had not yet met his future bride. While in the Navy, as a Diver, he learned of a New Special Operations group being formed. SEAL's, SEA, AIR, LAND. He was one of the first to volunteer, and was picked to be the third person assigned to BUD's (Basic Underwater Demolition), or as it became to be known, SEAL Training. He got through training, with about the same amount of difficulty as the rest of the graduates, and was assigned to a SEAL team. His operations are still classified, and he couldn't even tell his family anything about them.

In 1970, he was seriously wounded by a Booby-trap, planted by the North Vietnamese, and lost most of his left leg, from about the mid-thigh down. He was given a medical discharge, a Purple Heart, Silver Star, and was on the list for a Congressional Medal of Honor, but was unable to recieve such a medal, because it would have required declassifying many of the missions he was sent on.

With his Mustering out pay, plus the Disability he was receiving, he went home to Texas. He met Georgia O'Grady, and fell madly in love with her. She was from the same small town in Central Texas as he was. They were married within 6 months of meeting, and both set of parents were happy their offspring had found another person of pure Irish blood they could love. In 1973, John, now 33, inherited a large ranch, just outside College Station, Texas. This ranch had a long history of providing Texas Longhorn Cattle and VERY highly respected Racing Horses. John hired a few ranch hands, but did a lot of the work himself, from horseback. Life progressed, until mid 1974, when his wife announced the pregnancy that would change John's life forever.

Within days of Heather and Talos' birth, John was fitted with a metal rod, that allowed him to walk regularly, albeit with a limp. He wanted to be able to play with his children, and teach them everything he could about how to survive, in a world, that in his opinion, was lost to future war, future Nuclear destruction…


He did not share his views of the future with his children, but he had them, by the age of three, interested in sports. Heather was already into Gymnastics, Horseback riding, and had started on Karate. By the time she was five, she started Softball, and had added two more Martial Arts to her list of classes. Akido and Tae-Kwon-Do. Between Sports, Schooling, and chores around the ranch, She had little time for friends, but she had two, and to her, that was enough. Her twin brother, and her father. Both provided her all the companionship she could need. Rarely were her and Talos apart, except when she went to Gymnastics or Softball, he was in Football and Baseball.

School lessons, while not fun, were not something she found to be hard. By the time she was in Junior High, and had dropped Gymnastics to run Track for her Junior High, she was already considered to be a Jock, and a Tomboy, and her circle of friends had not expanded. You see, Jocks that were also Nerds, were VERY unpopular, especially girls that had more muscle built than half the football team. Everyone knew who she was, but at lunch time, she sat alone, at the end of a table, either reading a book, doing homework, or, once in a while, starring off into Space. She dreamed of becoming an Astronaut, even if her father dreamed of her becoming the first Female Member of the SEALs. Another reason for her ostracization by the girls in her school, was that she had a prettier face than all of them. Many boys would have been asking her for dates, but her well muscled body scared them away, not to mention the fact that her twin brother was even more into Weight Lifting and Sports than she. He was also already a double black belt, and people feared him. Heather was a triple-black belt, but she didn't let that be known.

High SchoolEdit

By the time she reached High School, she had to *ask* her first date out, and when he reluctantly agreed, she was thrilled, but still ashamed, because she had to do the asking. She was also embarrassed, because she knew that the other girls were starting a new name for her, one they never would dare to say to her face. They called her the 'Irish Board'. Her breasts had already stopped developing, and to compensate for being flat, she let her red hair grow out long, very long. When loose, it already was down to the middle of her back, by senior year, it would be it's longest, just below her butt.

First DateEdit

Her first date ended in disaster. Her date and her went to the local movie theater, and the boys there, started to tease her date about being with the Irish Board… the boy, a member of the Football team, and also noted to be a good 'School Fighter' blushed, but refused to stand up for himself. Heather did…


Johnathon Brinkman

She challenged the toughest boy (Johnathon Brinkman) to a quick challenge, he was embarrassed to be challenged to a fight by a girl, but when he looked around, and saw his friends staring at him, he felt forced into fighting Heather. She let the boy move in, and quickly kicked him in the nuts. His friends laughed, but one of them pulled a blade, and said, "Bitch!" And swiped the knife at her face. The blade bit into her skin, below her left eye, and cut all the way down to just above the jugular vein on her neck. The wound was deep, but Heather was able to maintain her feet, and while she proceeded to calmly kick the eighteen year old boys face into the ground, the cops were called. They had to pull her off the boy, to prevent serious injury. Heather was fifteen, and at the hospital, the police warned her that she had pissed off the leader of a local gang. While this scared her, she was more scared of her father's reaction. She had learned that fighting was wrong, and she should not get in any fights. She could always walk away, or with her ability to run long distances, (She already was doing four miles a day, before school), she could easily have out run any would-be fighting opponent.


Her father came to collect her, and since she was also taught to never lie, she told him what happened. To her surprise, her father just shook his head, and looked to the Doctors, to make sure his 'baby' was going to be OK. When the doctor nodded, he smiled, and than said to Heather softly, "Go get in the truck, while I talk to the cops, and the doctors." She did as she was told, and than, when her father came out, the ride home was quiet, no radio, which is odd for her father, a strong fan of country music while driving, no talking, and he seemed to stare into the road, and never once looked at her. Heather was afraid, really afraid, for the first time in her life. Not only had she almost been killed, she had almost killed, and now, her father wouldn't look at her.

Was the cut on her face that bad? Or was it how disappointed in her, he was?

The ride home was hell on Heather, and she didn't know what to expect when she got home. When they arrived, John took Heather out to a pasture and talked to her. Yes, he was disappointed, but she had the courage to tell him the truth, so he wasn't going to punish her for fighting. Instead, he was going to teach her things you can only learn in the Military. He taught her some special moves with Hand to Hand Fighting, that only can be learned in the Military, Combat Shooting of a Pistol, and an M-16A1 that he had snuck home from Vietnam, and the most effective ways to disarm someone with a blade, and use it on them. He told her this was to ensure she never got cut again, but instead, he was making her ready to join the Military. He already had secured her a place on the first Naval Academy Selection Committee Roster, for the year after she finished High School. He was still clinging to hopes that she would be the first female Navy SEAL.


The rest of High School passed pretty much as it started. Lonely, confused, and very athletically inclined. Even her grades were good. She finished with the second highest GPA in her class, and than, found out she had been accepted into the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. She approached this with excitement, but she had some trepidation as well. You see, after nearly getting killed by a guy, and her date running at the first sign of a knife, she had decided that boys were not her style. Sure, she still dated a couple times, mostly for the big things, Home Coming Dances, Junior and Senior Prom, and even once, she had sex with a boy, but it was not something she wanted to do again. The sex had been enjoyable, but she felt no feelings for boys/guys/men, not strong feelings. She had felt that way for other girls, and had even kissed a couple…

Naval AcademyEdit





She told her father how she felt, and he nodded. He had figured she would be that way, because he had failed to let her mother install any feminine ways in Heather. He told her not to worry, that she would be fine, and to just do what had to be done to make it through the Academy. Heather agreed, but always felt, throughout that first summer at the Academy, that she was lying to the Military, and to her fellow students.

Luckily for her, her roommate and her spent many nights in deep conversation, after Taps, and they somehow felt comfortable enough to admit their budding lesbianism to one another. While they didn't have feelings for one another, it did make life easier for them. They remained roommates throughout the Academy, and shared many things. Heather taught Rebecca Martial-Arts, tutored her in History and Military Procedure, while Rebecca taught Heather how to cook, how to use Make-up effectively, and how to speak publicly, without stammering and blushing a lot.

Choosing her Future PathEdit

In the first week of classes, Freshmen were forced to decide what special Military Training they were going to take, and Heather signed up for all the SEAL training she could get, away from BUD's, but was turned down. She appealed to the Naval Academy Admiral, but was again, turned down. She almost quit, but than, after a long talk with Rebecca, and than her father over the phone, she decided to specialize in the Marines, which her father admitted was as close as she was likely to get. She also decided, that since she wanted to be an astronaut still, to sign up for piloting. She was accepted into the Pilot Training Program, and her major, of Electrical Engineering was entered. Her classes, while difficult, did not present a problem to her, and her gift for sports, instead of being frowned upon, was something that earned her praise from the fellow students, including the females. She ran track, competed in Softball, and was reintroduced to Gymnastics in the Academy. In 1997, when she graduated, she graduated third in her class, GPA wise, and in Pilot training, she was second. She became one of the first female Marine aviators, and the first that had actual combat experience before 3 years was up.

After the four years of the Naval Academy, she bid Rebecca adieu, with a kiss, and a promise to remain in contact. Rebecca had chosen to be in the Navy, and to be an Attorney in the Naval JAG (Judge Advocate General) Corps. She graduated the Academy, as a Marine Second Lieutenant.

First PostingEdit


El Toro Marine Corps Air Station


UH-60 Blackhawk

Heather's first assignment was to the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, California. She had been trained in F-14 Tomcats, but now that she was a Marine, she had to learn to fly the Harrier or the F-18. She chose the Harrier, because they were more than just 'Anti-Air Asset Fighters'. They were Vertical Takeoff and Landing Capable, and were also as good at Air to Ground warfare, as they were at Air-to-Air combat. It took her 6 months, but she became one of the best trainees, and graduated to the Harrier after she earned her first promotion to 1st Lieutenant. She earned this, because she had dashed to the rescue of local civilians, by flying her Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter between rising fire walls, to rescue ten women and children from a campsite. She was training in the Blackhawk, because the take off and landing sequence gives a feel for the Harrier, and all Pilot trainees at the Academy learned Helicopter flying as well. She was given the Naval Cross and a Promotion for her actions in the wildfire.

She was temporarily assigned the callsign "Red", the same callsign she had at the Academy, while training, due to her hair color, and the non-traditional length of her hair. However, this callsign was soon abandoned, and her training officer gave her a new one, when one day, during her second attempt in the simulators, she successful shot down an incoming enemy MiG, she broke into the Marine Corp Anthem at the top of her lungs in celebration. He said, 'That woman sounds like a 'Banshee' when she wins...' Soon, everyone was calling her Banshee, and she had her new callsign.

Saudi Arabia - Fighting AceEdit


Remains of an Iraqi MiG 23

After she finished training for Harrier flights, she was assigned to a Marine Base in Saudi Arabia. She never left the base, however, because she refused to wear the veil that was required, and since her hair would look odd, as it was still down to below her butt, under the veil. In the first year there, she flew many missions over Iraqi No-Fly-Zones, and even engaged three enemy MiGs. Two she shot down, and one, she damaged, and her wingman, Alexander "Spider" Drake, shot down. For One Year, until late 1998, she flew in the Middle East. When she was promoted to Captain, and granted her Ace status for seven confirmed enemy kills, she was granted transfer back to the States, and a base near Washington DC, where Rebecca was stationed. They got together one night, for drinks, and ended up at Rebecca's apartment.

Back to the U.S.Edit

This night, Heather had her first real lesbian encounter, and was hooked on it. Being drunk or not, it was the best experience of her life. Rebecca however, was too embarrassed the next morning for Heather to pass on her gratitude to her best friend. She left the Apartment, more confused about her Sexual Status than ever, but was determined to apologize to Rebecca. However, Rebecca was reassigned before Heather could, and has since, been unable to find Rebecca.


Harrier AV-8 Jump Jet


Ham Tyler in El Salvador

For the next two years, she flew when she could, mostly when the Vice-President was in Air Force Two. She was than sent to work for the CIA. She worked in Loas, Cambodia, El Salvador... In all three locations, she was working directly for Ham Tyler.

Visitors LandEdit

She was promoted to Major, four days before the Visitors Landed, and returned to Washington, to command the Vice President's Air Force Two Escort Wing. Her first flight after being Promoted to the Strike Wing's Commander was to fly up and investigate the Mothership that was landing. It was her that reported the first signs of problems locking on, or even flying around a Mothership. Something knocked her Guidance and other Avionic Systems haywire. She ordered her wing to Return to Base, while she moved to ensure that the Mothership was not unfriendly. She flew orbits around it, ever closing the diameter down. Soon, she was a mere few inches from the Mothership, but still, no response. She herself, returned to Base, and filled out her report. For the next few weeks, she was in the same boat as everyone else on Earth… Confused, elated, and at the end, frightened.

Part of the Conspiracy?Edit

When talk of the Scientist Conspiracy started, she was skeptical, like Tony Leonetti, Michael Donovan's partner, she had met the Scientist that broke the Conspiracy News, Janokowski, and she noticed the same thing he did… he was signing the paper with the wrong hand. She could do little about it however, as she was sent to the Middle East shortly thereafter, to protect the Oil fields from the Scientists. The night before they flew off, Heather and her wingman went to New York. He hoping to get into her pants, she hoping to find some cute female to get into their pants. Neither got their wish. On the way out of the first bar, Heather was accosted by a Visitor, thinking she was something else, a snack. The Visitor had gotten drunk and stoned with a group of Gang members in the Local 'Visitors Friends' Group. He decided to try and get Heather into a Squad Ship, to either eat for a snack, or something else. Her wingman attacked the Visitor, and was soon in bad shape. The Visitor, who had hit Heather with the butt of his sidearm, spit his venom into Alexander's face, and he was blinded, and in bad shape. Heather had recovered enough, and drew a gun, and aimed it at the Visitor. The Visitor had his gun resting against Alexander's head, and he smiled at Heather. His resonating voice said simply, "Put it down, Or I will kill him." Heather did, and the Visitor shot Alexander anyways. He than smiled, and tried to get Heather back into Squad Ship. She used her Martial-Arts on the Visitor, and was able to incapacitate him.

Fighting the VisitorsEdit

She got Alexander Drake back to Base, and explained to the Commanding Officer what happened. She was not sent to the Middle East, instead, she was arrested and put in the Brig. She spent two months there, before the rest of the Military learned what she knew, that the Visitors were a problem. She was sent to a Marine Base in Texas, and sent after the Visitors. For the next few months, until the Visitors were defeated, she fought them for every inch of ground they took. She accounted for the destruction of fifty Skyfighters, in less than four months. Her Squadron was one of the best in the Military at killing Visitors.

President Morrow

The End of the WarEdit

After the war ended, she returned to Washington, to lead the flight detail for the President, and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. The youngest Lt. Colonel the Marines had ever had, and the first Female Wing Commander of the President's Flight Escort Group. For the next year, she was content in her job, and the current state of events. However, this all changed, when the Visitors returned.

The Visitors ReturnEdit

She was tasked to assist the President get himself, his family, and the government North to New York, when it was discovered that the Dust did not work where there was no freezing temperatures. After that she started raiding the Visitors. In January of 2004, she was shot down over Houston, Texas, defending the people in College Station, while they attempted to flee. Her parents were killed in the first days of the Visitor's re-invasion.

Silver Star Decoration

She is captured, and taken to see Thomas, who attempted to convince her to carry the next Starchild. She was able to grab Thomas' sidearm, and used him as a hostage to get to the Hangar deck, where she stole a Visitor Skyfighter.

Bay of Houston CreationEdit

She returned to her base, in Northern Kansas, and led the wing on a strike. Houston had been completely emptied of people, either through evacuation, or Visitor Capture. Heather's Strike Wing was able to damage the Visitor Mother Ship, and Heather herself, flew her Harrier to the closest point the Command Center comes to the Exterior hull. She fired a Maverick, which blew a big hole in the Motherships hull, than was able to fire two more, that went through that hole, and blew the Command Center apart. After that, the Mothership dropped onto the City of Houston. Houston was flattened, and the Mothership blew up. The geography of Southern Texas was changed, as the Gulf of Mexico rushed in to fill the 100 mile wide crater left from the exploding Mothership.

Escaping Houston's DestructionEdit

Heather's strike wing was able to get back, while Heather lead the Skyfighters streaking in from Los Angeles, Sante Fe, and Mexico City on a Wild Goose Chase. However, over San Diego, she ran out of luck. She ran out of Ammo for her Vulcan Cannon, Fuel was running Low, and half her wings were shot off, she turned her craft for the San Diego Mothership, and ejected. On the way down, one Skyfighter pilot tried to kill her anyways, and put a large hole in her parachute. This caused her to land in some trees, at high speed. Her flight suit was pretty torn up, and now she was half-Naked, hurt, and DEEP behind enemy lines. Also, she was just put on Diana's top 10 wanted list. For these actions, she was also (As she later learned) promoted to a full Colonel in the Marines, and was awarded a Silver Star, and the Freedom Network's Medal of Valor.

To Los AngelesEdit

She made her way, mostly on foot, towards Los Angeles. Her reason? She knew her best bet was to hook up with, at least temporarily, with the L.A. Resistance Cell. She knew they were the most active, most prolific Resistance group in the first war, and without a doubt, they would have reformed and begun fighting off the Visitors once again.

IC HistoryEdit


Joining the ResistanceEdit

Chris Farber

Chris Faber


Club Creole

She arrived at the Southern Checkpoint into Los Angeles, set up by a combined Security force of Visitors, LAPD, and Science Frontiers Security personnel. She waited, watching the check point to see how people got by, and for the most part, they did not. They were either turned around, or arrested, on the spot. When one was arrested, she figured they were either criminals or Resistance. She took a chance, and assaulted the checkpoint, just as the people inside a car were ordered to step out, hands high. Her lead shot took the lead Visitor in the throat, thus allowing the people inside the car to open fire. She accounted for two more dead Visitors, 3 injured Science Frontier Guards, and a couple scared LAPD Officers, while the other 4 Visitors and 5 Sci-Frontiers Security Officers were accounted for by none other than Chris Faber, and 3 other World Liberation Front Operatives. Faber and O'Leary had met before, in Nicaragua, Laos, and a few other places that Heather had flown air cover for C.I.A. Missions. He offered her a ride to a secure Resistance Location, and she quickly took him up on the offer. However, halfway through the city., Faber puled over, and said, "Go to the Rear Exit of Club Creole, on 8th street, ask for Elias, and tell him: Lizards howling at midnight."

Not knowing what to expect, or why she was being forced to go through such odd security measures, Heather set off for the Club, via back alley's. She had kept an apartment in L.A. for the last two years, strictly to keep place of residence, and since she liked the California sun, that is where she choose, but she did not go to her apartment first. Still wearing her Flight Jacket, combat boots, a T-Shirt Faber had given her, she knocked on the back door of the club, spoke the code phrase and was shown in. She was told to wait on a cot, and someone would be there soon to speak to her.

Meeting ElizabethEdit


Elizabeth Maxwell

About an hour later, in walked a young, blond woman, that smiled sweetly at Heather, but remain quiet for a few minutes, staring at her intently. Heather felt something in her head, almost a buzzing, but she shook it off as an adrenaline letdown. Finally the young woman smiled again, and introduced herself as Elizabeth. Heather thought nothing off it, and let Elizabeth lead her to the ground floor of the club, to get some food. No one had anything in her size, but the club was not open yet. Just Elias and Willie the Bartender were upstairs, so Heather got a quick meal, and than she and Elizabeth went back downstairs. They talked for a while, than went back upstairs, and headed out into L.A. to find Heather some clothing and to get stuff the Resistance needed. It did not take Heather long to figure out that Elizabeth was the Starchild... Elizabeth Maxwell!


Ranch House


The Ranch

Heather's Apartment had been destroyed by a crashing Visitor Skyfighter, but luckily she had money and credit cards stashed away elsewhere, and was still able to buy stuff she needed. She and Elizabeth drove out to the Maxwell Ranch with a truck loaded down with goodies. (LOG: Visits to L.A.)

Once there, they became room mates, and not long after, lovers.

Early Days in the ResistanceEdit

Training ElizabethEdit

Heather was assigned to train Elizabeth in Hand to Hand Combat and Combat Shooting. Elizabeth and ether also took it upon themselves to not only improve the ranch, but to steal Skyfighter's, Squadship's, and even a Harrier from the Visitors, solidifying both of their standings as members of the Resistance Leadership. (LOGS: Raising the Frame, Building the Barn, Skyfighter Ambush, New Toys, Reconnaissance Run, and Capture of a Harrier)





Their love grew, until they were not (Heather, mainly) afraid to let everyone know, and to her surprise, it was accepted, and not frowned upon.

Into the Belly of the BeastEdit

They also saved another Marine, Jason Briggs, from the 'Belly of the Leviathan'. (LOGS: The Rescue and ... But is he converted?)




Sean Donovan

Her brother, Talos, returned from the dead, just in time for him to help the Resistance steal the Harrier, but not before Heather tried to punch his lights out for making her think he was dead. Of course, not long after, Tyler sent Talos to Ireland...

Saving SeanEdit

Her next major action against the Visitors, was when they kidnapped Sean Donovan and attempted to trade him for Elizabeth. She argued against Elizabeth's volunteering to be traded, even with the idea already in mind that it was to be a fake trade. But finally, after realizing that she could not keep Elizabeth wrapped in Bubble Wrap, she reluctantly agreed. The plan went off without much of a hitch, until Diana shot Sean, just as Heather fired the Missile that would seal the tunnel between Sean, Elizabeth, and the Visitors. Donovan climbed the hill, and instead of completing the mission with no further casualties, Heather was forced to land, and rescue Donovan, after he was shot repeatedly by the Visitors. (LOGS: Breaking the News..., Battle Plans, The Waiting Game, and Face Off!)



A Dark Side of HeatherEdit

Next, Heather was involved in a raid that shut down one of the Food Processing Plants in San Diego. During the course of the raid, she gunned down helpless technicians, Visitors just doing their job, because their bosses lied to them. She showed little, to no remorse for her actions. This raid also saw her severely injured, as the Visitors targeted her, in retribution. (LOGS: Target Practice and Strike Plans and Party in San Diego)

The CookEdit

Heather breaks out her cooking skills, to start feeding the Resistance decent meals. Partially in self defense, since Ham had been doing alot of the cooking, and Ham's idea of spicing things included only adding HUGE amounts of ground black pepper. Her meals become the high-points of the Week, for many of the Resistance. (LOGS: The Resistance Food Network and Cooking Show 2)

Atlanta Mother Ship RaidEdit


Polly Maxwell

She helped Elizabeth plan the Assault on the Atlanta Mothership, that occurred out near Pluto, but before the raid actually happened, she was forced to try and help Elizabeth deal with Polly's return to the ranch. Polly was not a happy girl, and she tried to kill Resistance members, in her attempt to evict the Resistance. (LOGS: Grand Plans and Fighter Check)

The Resistance than fullfilled their mission planning, taking over the Atlanta Mothership, in a daring raid to the edge of the Solar System. They used the Red Dust to kill most of the Visitors on board, and than killed the rest in gun battles. They flew the Mother Ship back to Earth, trading it to the President for Resources to be named later. (LOGS: The Raid to End All Raids, The Flight Home - Part 1, The Flight Home - Part 2, Hangar Deck Entertainments, The Landing, and Important Meetings)

When the Resistance returned, Elizabeth dealt with Polly, convincing her to return with Katie to chicago. (LOGS: The Return of Polly Maxwell - Part 1, The Return of Polly Maxwell - Part 2, The Polly Problem, and Final Showdown)

Ryan Rivers - A New FriendEdit

Ryan Rivers

Ryan Rivers

Than, just after a new Resistance member, who was destined to become one of Heather's closest friends in the group, Ryan Rivers, showed up, Heather rescued the Resistance attempt to infiltrate the Ojai Visitor Work Camp. After Tyler was recognized, the mission turned bad, and she flew in to rescue them. (LOGS: Ryan Rivers Joins and Assault on the Ojai Prison Camp)


Than, her life took a turn for the worse. Not knowing the plans of the Resistance Leadership, she went on a mission to Club Creole, and when Diana showed up to capture Elizabeth and Juliet Parrish, and kill the rest, she allowed herself to be captured by the Visitors. She thought she was trading her freedom, her life in fact, for the rest of the Resistance. Just as she was loaded aboard a Skyfighter, she saw the Club blow up, and she thought everyone she knew, and cared for, had just died. (LOG: Destruction of the Club Creole)



Juliet Parrish

She was taken to the Mother Ship, stripped naked, and placed in the Conversion Chamber. There she was forced to live nightmare, after nightmare, repeatedly, until she almost begged Diana to let her go. However, the Visitors only obtained a Left to Right Brain Switch-over, and she was only partially converted. Her mind was strong, and only in moments of weakness, was she really under Visitor Control. (LOG: Nightmares Come Alive)


She forced herself to act converted, and than was able to find a way to escape, attacking Julie and Kita. She escaped into the ventilation system, and remembering what she had heard Michael talk about, found the Escape Parachutes. She landed hard on the beach, and is knocked out. Her 'selfless' actions of turning herself over to the Visitors (As described by the Freedom Network, not herself) made her the first two time winner of the Freedom Network Medal of Valor.



Angelica with Red Hair

She is rescued by a flight of Resistance members from Miami. They take her to the ranch, fighting off Kadjem in a skyfighter. The Squadship they are in crashes in the front yard of the ranch, killing all aboard except for Heather and Angelica, a Visitor Doctor, who has joined the Resistance. Heather is partially converted, and is convinced she is still inside the conversion chamber, that everything that is happening to her is an image projected into her mind by Diana. She strikes out against the Resistance, injuring Juliet Parrish, before finally being subdued. (LOG: The Great Escape)

Post Conversion - The Death of KadjemEdit



The next day, she meets Angelica, and it brings her mind back to the conversion chamber, she attacks the Visitor, but before any major damage can be done, the sound of a crashing Skyfighter can be heard. Kadjem's Skyfighter crashes in the yard, and something inside her mind snaps, and she attacks, and helps kills him. This seems to snap her out of the thought that she is inside the Conversion Chamber. She is convinced that she would not be allowed to kill one of Diana's most trusted aides, even if only in her mind, by Diana. She is convinced that she is not converted. (LOG: Crashing Ships and Crashing People)

Post Conversion - BetrayalEdit

A few days later, she is convinced she can use her 'almost conversion' to slip the Visitors bad intelligence, and convinces Angelica to allow her to take a Skyfighter, and go to the Consulate. She speaks to Kita, giving her False Intelligence, but for a few seconds, the Conversion takes hold, and Heather's mind lets slip that the Resistance is still alive. She grovels before the Visitor, and than returns to the Resistance, and almost has a break down because of it. (LOG: Heather's Betrayal)



Dr. Hannah Donnenfield

Elizabeth immediately takes Heather to New York to allow Dr. Hannah Donnenfield to 'De-Convert' Heather. This process seems to work, and Heather's mind is once again her own, after many hours of mind numbing pain, and reliving the experience in the Conversion Chamber. (LOG: Unscrambling the Eggs and Hash)

Post Conversion - The Spy and ReactionsEdit

However, it is not easy for Heather, upon her return to the Ranch. One of the Resistance members seems to be spying on her (LOG: Spying on People?), and this causes her to race off, and go for a drive. She is not paying attention to her speed, and she gets pulled over... NOT good... Lucky for her, the cop in question, is Ryan Rivers! Her friend, her *good* friend... Between them, and with a little help from Elizabeth, things are easily enough sorted out. (LOG: Racing to Jail?)

Consulate DestructionEdit

Next, since Heather was able to slip bad intelligence to the Visitors, and they still consider her converted, she is able to convince them that the Resistance is attacking a facility far away from the Visitor Consulate, thus, emptying the Visitor Consulate of Shock Trooper, and making an attack there much easier. The Resistance attack is a huge success, the Consulate is destroyed, however, Ham is nearly killed when he is strafed by a Skyfighter, and Heather sustains major shrapnel wounds when her truck is blown up by the same Skyfighter, flown by Drake, a new Visitor Scientist, assigned to L.A. to work on special projects for Diana. (LOG: Payback Time)


Working the Range


Visitor Security Consulate

Post Conversion PsychologyEdit

Heather continues to keep up the appearance of being converted, even if this gets her attacked by civilians, leads to issues with Elizabeth, and to her questioning her own abilities, both as a leader, and her competence in battle. (LOGS: Trouble On the Menu, Near Death Situation, Lover's Quarrel, Cleaning up the Fallout, Working the Range, Not Quite Fixed, and Attack on the Ranch)

Off to New York CityEdit

She withdraws more and more into herself, and everything eventually comes to a head when the Resistance Leadership takes a trip to New York, to get some time to relax. She gets into an argument with Ryan and Elizabeth, and cuts the trip short. (LOGS: Party in New York!, Babysitting and Taxi Duty, One Dark Night, and The Voyage Home)

Dawning of LeadershipEdit


Dr. Hannah Donnenfield

Upon the return, she discovers a problem with a Skyfighter, causing Juliet to tell her to plan a raid on a Visitor Supply Depot to get the stuff needed to repair skyfighters in the future. Her plan is questioned by a newly arrived member of the Resistance, Alexis Ayala, and after the Raid doesn't go exactly as Heather planned (Including sever injuries to Heather, Julie, and Alexis) she really starts to wonder if she was the right person to plan it. (LOGS: Shuttles and Draft Paper, The El Paso Supply Depot Raid, and Post El Paso Medical Center)

Some of the materials stolen need to be locked away, so to do so, she and Elizabeth go to Kansas City to get materials, and once again, Heather is attacked by Civilains.

Another Deconversion?Edit

Back at the Ranch, Heather seems nervous about things, tentative. Elizabeth has noticed this change in personality, and is very concerned. She goes to New York, speaks to Dr. Donnenfield again, and discovers there might be issues with the Deconversion process. Memory Holes, Personality changes, and the like. The only way to fix the Deconverted, is to bring them back to New York, run them through the process, and restore their memories.... (LOGS: Off to Kansas City, Caged Red, Cooking Show 3, As the Mush Turns, and Trip to New York)

So, Heather is taken to New York, her memory of the Conversion Chamber is restored, along with all her memories of what she did while she was converted. (LOGS: Rescramble, part 1 and Rescramble, Part 2)

The Bates SagaEdit

Getting HiredEdit

Science Frontiers


Mr. Chiang

Since the Visitors returned, Julie had been working for Nathan Bates' Science Frontiers, and had been having difficulties. She and Ham had hatched a plot to make life easier, and part of that included having Heather come to work for Science Frontiers, as Head of Security, replacing Mr. Chiang. She takes an interview with Bates, accepts the job, and, as her first official act, kills Chiang. (LOGS: Lunch and Plans, Discussions without Solutions, Staff Meetings, and The Apprentice)

Crash LandingsEdit

She returned to the Ranch after the Interview, and got caught up in a rescue of the Navy SEAL Team that was defending a Nuclear Power Plant in San Francisco. On the return trip from that mission, the Skyfighter went down... (LOGS: Tender yet Bitter and Raids, Revelations, and ANOTHER Crashing Ship)


Joshua and Amanda


Maggie Blodgett

She was injured badly in the crash and combat. The injuries include laser wounds, severe burns on her chest, shoulders and back, from her shirt catching on fire, and blunt force injuries sustained in the crash itself. The members of the crashed team had to walk out of the Northern California woods due to a lack of a radio transmitter that worked, no Cell Service, and the Sky Fighter having been too damaged to attempt repairs. Heather led the team to a road, where she left them to get to a location she could call for help from. When she called, Maggie Blodgett answered, came and got her, and they returned to the Resistance, who, had, in the mean time, come across a Visitor Truck hauling Human Cargo. Juliet ordered Heather to stop the truck, so she put a few laser blasts through the engine block, then gunned down the Visitor Driver and Guard when they ran, from the co-pilot seat of the Sky Fighter Maggie was flying.

Josh and AmandaEdit

On board the truck were two children, Josh (2 Years old) and Amanda (6 Months old) whose parents had already been killed. The rest of the prisoners had already run off, leaving the Resistance to care for the Children. Heather fell in love with them, her maternal instinct kicking in. She took them back to the ranch, when the Resistance Group went back. (LOGS: Awakenings, Radar and Small Animals, Not Quite a Church Camp, Yells, Threats, and BEARS!, and By Land and By Air)

Back at the Ranch, Angelica fixed her up with captured Visitor Medical Technology and than declared the children healthy. The next day, Heather and Elizabeth talk about the children, and while they decide it is best if the children are sent above the Dust Line for 'Foster' Care, they later go shopping, and the stuff they buy, seem to indicate that the matter is not settled. It isn't, not in Heather's mind, the children have triggered her maternal instinct, and she wants them to remain at the ranch, no matter how dangerous it might be for the children. (LOGS: Lunch and Children and Baby and Car Shopping)

Working at Science FrontiersEdit

After that, she had to go to work at Science Frontiers. Her first job, replacing the old Security Force Members that quit in protest of her hiring. Not all Resistance Members knew she was a plant, and a few had gotten jobs at Science Frontiers. She hired new Security Personnel, including Jennifer Cooke (Who was actually Elizabeth, in disguise!). Next, she was assigned to track down Julie and Donovan... Just what she always wanted to do. Why one might ask? Because Julie refused to be raped, and Donovan refused to let her be. (LOGS: Julie's Bad Night, The Beginning of the End, and Sin... er, Bates Does It HIS Way!)

The End of the JobEdit

She succeeded in tracking them down to Dr. Aker's Clinic, in Los Angeles, and 'arrested' them. She didn't want to, but upon their orders did, to maintain her cover. She sent Elizabeth back to the Ranch to raise the Resistance reinforcements, while she escorted Julie and Mike to Nathan Bates. However, the Resistance couldn't get in that night... (LOG: Arrest and Capture)


Nathan Bates

She spent that night forced to witness, and participate in, Julie's rape by Nathan Bates, while once herself being raped by him.

Rescuing Mike and JulieEdit

The next day, she was able to get away from Science Frontiers, with Elizabeth's help, and they went to the Ranch, and led the Resistance in a Raid to free Julie and Mike from Science Frontiers, but not before a major argument ensued between many members of the Resistance, that almost splintered the group. Luckily, the group was able to go in, fight off the Security forces (With a little reshuffling from the Head of Security), a couple Shock Troopers, and Diana herself. Mike and Julie were rescued, while Diana and Nathan were left out cold and bleeding on the floor of Nathan's office. Diana with multiple gunshot and Laser wounds, and Nathan with a severe knife stab. (LOG: Final Escape)

Post BatesEdit

Much time is spent recovering from this event.... (LOGS: Home Again, Home Again, I'll Be Fine, Dinner and Fists Through a Wall, Issues and Misunderstandings, and A Time for Healing)

Finally, when she is starting to recover, she helps try to get Alexis and Pyotr together. (LOG: Playing Cupid)

Than she has to help Elizabeth through her own problem. (LOG: Stress Ulcer)

Going Home AgainEdit


Welcome Home, Heather!

New Ranch DutiesEdit

With all the improvements to the Ranch that have previously been completed, Heather has made a deal with the local ranchers and farmers to split duties. The Maxwell Ranch will start providing fresh milk and cows for slaughter in exchange for a share of beef, chicken, eggs, pork, and fresh vegtables. However, to meet their end of the bargin, they have to get the supplies and equipment to get the Dairy up and running. With a loan, she is able to secure most of the equipment, but much is still needed. Luckily, she knows where she can get the rest, but it means a trip down memory lane... and a flight to her home, in Texas.

No Place Like Home...Edit

She, Elizabeth, and Ryan (Although Ryan fell asleep during the flight) fly off to College Station, Texas, to her family Ranch, where she knows she can get the last of the equipment needed to set the Maxwell Ranch up with a fully running Dairy. She contacted the Ranch foreman, Walter Diego, who is also a member of the local Resistance, and told him she was coming, and what she wanted. He had the stuff packed up.


Johnathon Brinkman

When they arrived Diego tried to convince Heather to stay, and lead the Local Resistance. She refused the offer, and he accepted it, disappointed, but began the process of loading the Dairy Equipment. Heather and Elizabeth discussed the Ranch House, and Heather's inability to go inside, due to the many sad memories waiting inside.

Johnathon Brinkman Part IIEdit

Of course, things can never go smoothly, for no sooner had loading been completed, than an old "friend" of Heather's decided it was time to show up, and get payback. This was Johnathon Brinkman, the kid who had so many years ago, given her the scar on her face outside the Movie Theater in town. He wanted a rematch, and threatened Diego to get the rematch. He arrived, with four others as help, all a little drunk. He and Heather fought, again, unarmed, until Johnathon cheats by grabbing a knife, and cutting Heather.

As soon as he does, Diego leads a charge of many more men than the Dairy barn was thought to have held, and they kill Johnathon quickly, and just as quickly, his four goons. Heather and Elizabeth return to the Maxwell Ranch, and off load the equipment, finding a box of trinkets (Including Heather's parent's wedding rings) that Diego had loaded. (LOGS: Off to Texas and Cattle Preparation)


Next up, was another long trip, this time, to Russia. The Russian Black Market holds enough materials to keep the California Resistance running for QUITE a long time. Spare parts for the Harrier, Missiles and Ammo for the Harrier, Grenades, Rocket Launchers, Weapons and Ammo for the Resistance, and other things unavailable in the United States (Like needed Medical Supplies) were all on the shopping list. So, once again, Heather, Elizabeth and Ryan all load up and head off.

The trip is mostly uneventful, until it is time to pick up the supplies in a warehouse in Siberia. There they are ambushed by a group of Red-Dust immune Visitors, and are forced to kill them. Heather is wounded in the fight, but they are able to subdue them, and they even get a Mini-Gun and a couple crates worth of ammo for it, in the deal. (LOG: Trip to Russia)




Heather learns that when she was raped by Nathan Bates, that Elizabeth also felt everything she did, and she is not happy about it... But she also learns that she has been officially named Mother to Joshua and Amanda, by act of the President, as their parents could not be found. Their names are legally changed, and Heather is listed as their parent. (LOG: Idle Chatter and Revelations)

San Pedro in Visitor HandsEdit

Next up, an attack on a Visitor Command Post in San Pedro. Tyler tells Heather to lead it, but Heather, knowing Donovan knows the layout better, turn command over to him. This makes it easier for her, as she still feels less than comfortable being in command of ground missions, and also, makes it easier for the Resistance, as there is no time for a briefing, and having the boss know the area helps a lot more.

The raid has mixed results... Julie is stunned, Jason Briggs is knocked out, and Donovan is injured, in exchange for eight dead Visitors, one injured Officer (Kita), one escaped officer (Drake), and one Visitor project blown sky high. (LOG: Attack on San Pedro)

Back to TexasEdit


Mary Krueger

She went back to Texas for a few weeks, to help the Resistance there fight off a very dedicated assault by the combined Dallas and San Antonio Motherships. She was forced to miss out on the capture of Nathan Bates (LOG: Attempted Rescue), and most of the time they had him in custody. While in Texas, she was wounded repeatedly, fighting off Visitors from her parent's ranch, some of the attacks led by Mary Krueger herself. She still has a scar from one of the attacks, on her left hip, where the Visitor Mothership Commander bit her, and took a large chunk of her flesh and muscle as a mid-fight snack. She did however, return the favor, not with a bite, but with a long, deep sword slash to the Visitor's face, cutting her deep enough that even the Visitor's highly advanced technology could not completely remove the scar. Mary Krueger's true form has a scar running from the top of her head, down to the bottom of her chin.

She did return to California in time to see Nathan Bates, just before he was released by the Resistance.

Back to CaliEdit


Angelica with Black Hair

She begins to wonder how safe the Ranch really is for the Children, and if she should not send them to New York, to live with someone. She begins to send private messages to members of White Christmas to see who might be willing to take the children in for her, for a time, to see how things go. Nothing is decided, in her mind, as she doen't know if she could really give them up, after fighting so hard to get them.

She is severely wounded by one of their own, in the middle of a fight to help a Resistance Cell escape the Bates' revenge on the Resistance. Bates arms some Gang-Bangers in South Central, and uses them to push out the Resistance in the area. The Ranch folks respond, and during the response Heather takes a Sniper round through the Shoulder, requiring Angelica to reconstruct her shoulder. (LOG: The Battle for the South Side)

Dual RaidsEdit

Once she had fully recovered, she helped Tyler, Julie, and Elizabeth lead and coordinate two simultaneous raids on Visitor strongholds. One a Visitor Barracks in Las Vegas, the other a Visitor Food Processing Center in Sante Fe. She and Juliet hit Sante Fe, and after freeing the Human prisoners, destroyed the Plant. No Humans or Resistance member were killed in either of the fights.

Kids to New YorkEdit


Denise in Action.


The soft side of Denise

In December of 2004, Heather and Elizabeth take Josh and Amanda to New York, for Christmas, and spend Christmas and New Years helping Denise Daltry get the children acclimated to their new home with her. Heather finally has decided that it is safer for them in New York. She makes arrangements for half of her paychecks to be set aside for the children.

She spends the entire month ensuring that Josh, who is old enough to understand that Heather will be gone for awhile, and does not take it well, understands that he is not being abandoned again. She gives him a special phone, with only one number programmed into it, so that he can call her at any time.

Christmas, normally a time she is her happiest, seems to be one of the darkest she can remember. Elizabeth and Denise are able to convince her she is doing the right thing for the children, even though they both have figured out she knows it, but that Heather doesn't want to do it. The White Christmas Resistance Leadership Group also promises Heather that they will help Denise with Josh. Having a Baseball Player/Doctor, a Diplomat, a Scientist, and a Cop helping the reporter seems to help Heather accept it better. Add in that all of them are fairly decent fighters, and Heather is able to leave New York resigned to the fact that she did the right thing.



She spends most of the next month trying to convince herself she did the right thing, and to not fly back to New York to get them back, while also leading raids, working the ranch, and using Elizabeth as a crutch to get her through the hard times.

What's in the Box?Edit

In February of 2005, she finally looks in the box Diego set aside for her from her Parents' house in College Station. Inside she finds her father's S.E.A.L. pin, his favorite M-1911-A1 .45 caliber pistol, her mother's favorite necklace, many pictures, and her parent's wedding rings. She has her father's ring sized for her hand, and her mother's sized for Elizabeth's, in secret. Someday, she will give it to Elizabeth. The necklace she wears every day. The pistol and S.E.A.L. pin she has a box made for, to display, along with an American Flag, folded into a Triangle, and sealed in glass, that she hangs on her bedroom wall, so that everyday, she can wake up, and remember that she is fighting for more than just herself.

Sacremento Nuclear PlantEdit

The Fixer...



In March, Diana causes a meltdown at the Sacramento Nuclear Power Plant, 300 humans are killed instantly, and Heather joins the Resistance Raid that is a reprisal. Ham Tyler plants explosives all over the roof and the top floor of the Security Consulate, that Heather had flown him to, and as they leave, he detonates it. 400 Visitors are killed, 5 escape, including Kita and Drake.

Meeting MedeaEdit


In April, Heather joins the rest of the California Resistance in Dallas and Forth Worth, to try and defend the cities from the Dallas/New Orleans Motherships new Invasion. It takes most of the month, but the California Resistance is slowly pushed back, and forced to retreat North of the Dust line into Oklahoma, and than back to their base in California. During the fighting, Heather gets a chance to fight another Mothership Commander, personally. This time, Ex-Commander, Medea. They fight to a draw, both wounded, and forced to pull back. The many battles in Texas leave Heather even more determined than ever that the Visitors must be pushed back, for seeing the hopelessness and despair in the eyes of her fellow Texans almost breaks her heart.

Hiya LydiaEdit

Peter Forsythe...The Evil Yankee!

In May, she participated in the capture of Visitor Security Commander, and Second in Command of both the L.A. Mothership, and the Entire Visitor Fleet, Lydia. However, they were forced to immediately exchange Lydia to Diana to prevent the nearby town of Onyx, California from being leveled by Diana. As soon as they released Lydia, however, Diana launched a massive Skyfighter assault on the town anyways. It took eight Skyfighters lost, of twelve launched, and severe damage to Heather's Harrier, but the Resistance was able to beat back the air raid, and prevent Onyx's destruction.

Defending OnyxEdit

She spent most of June either leading minor raids, or trying to get her Harrier back into working condition. She also was working hard on getting the Resistance more Skyfighters. The Defense of Onyx cost them 75% of their Skyfighters.

Visiting the KidsEdit

In July, Heather headed back to New York, to visit Josh and Amanda... They were there, just in time for the three day long aerial battle between the Visitors and the American Military and the Resistance, a battle in which Heather was unable to participate. She could only watch from a bunker, deep under the Freedom Network building, with Josh and Amanda in her arms, and hoping the building didn't fall in on top of them. When the battle was over, she did finally get to take Josh to his first Baseball game, but was dismayed to discover he was a Yankee's fan. Denise Daltry and Peter Forsythe had turned him into one behind her back! However, being the doting mother, she allowed Pete (Who was playing that day) to take them both into the club house after the game, where Josh got a team jersey signed by all of the players.

She spent all of July in New York, but soon had to return to California, but she promised the kids she wouldn't be gone quite so long next time...

Shooting at Kyle BatesEdit

Kyle Bates

If only she knew what the future had in store for her... She might have stayed behind.

August saw her step up her training regimen, to get back into shape that the last month of relative inactivity had left her lacking. She also led a raid into Los Angeles, one in which she got to shoot at Kyle Bates, not hitting him. This raid led to the procurement of enough Powerpacks to power the Visitor Weapons on the Ranch for another few months.


"The Raid"Edit

Heather's Dead?


Diana gloats!

At the end of the month, Diana launched a raid on a Movie Lot that held the last Resistance Base still inside of Los Angeles. The Raid consisted of Multiple Squads of Shock Troopers, and involved was a Squadron of New Shock Troopers, an Elite Shock Trooper, better trained, better armored, and better equipped. They carried something akin to a Laser Grenade, that when it detonates, sends out a barrage of Laser Blasts in all directions.

Diana personally oversaw this raid.

Her "Death"Edit

These weapons were devastating to the Resistance, and they called for help. Heather, Elizabeth, Juliet, and Alexis responded in a Skyfighter to the call. They were able to hold off the Visitors while the Resistance group was able to escape into the sewers, but one of the grenades landed underneath their Skyfighter, causing it to explode. This knocked the other three women away from the fight, and seriously wounded them. Ham Tyler and Chris Faber arrived in time to help them escape, but it was too late for Heather. The blast from the Skyfighter killed her.

Diana ordered her body removed from the battle, back to the Mothership, and a Skyfighter arrived on scene to do just that.




The Skyfighter that picked up her body did not, however, return to the Los Angeles Mothership. Instead, aboard was one of the best Fifth Columnist Doctors, who was able to revive Heather, unbeknownst to Diana, or the Resistance, and took her to a Mothership hiding behind Mars. This was a Mothership commanded by a Fifth Columnist, Jennifer, crewed entirely by Fifth Columnists, who had finally decided that the time had come to join the fight. They spent almost three weeks nursing Heather back to full health, before they set a course for Earth...

Dawning of a New PowerEdit

During her time on the Mothership, Heather kept trying to send mental messages to Elizabeth, and while she thought she might have been getting through, contact was so weak, and sporadic, she could not be sure she was getting through. She begged Jennifer to let her send a Radio message, but Jennifer told her that she wanted the Mothership's arrival to be a complete and total surprise to Diana. They had already been able to take out a Mothership, the one over Sante Fe, back in December, by using surprise, so if they could keep that surprise, it would help in future battles. Jennifer did, however, promise to drop Heather off in Onyx, before going to New York.


Pyotr in his Lab

Heather had to accept this, and while she knew she had no choice, she came to resent Jennifer with each passing day.

The ReturnEdit

On September 17, 2005, the Mothership arrived over Onyx, and dropped Heather off....

Her arrival was not well received at first by Julie, who was annoyed that she was not informed that Heather was still alive, even though Elizabeth told her that she was not sure what she was getting from Heather was real. To Heather's eyes, it appeared that Julie and at least Ryan did not trust her, at first, but she did not turn tail and run, like her instincts told her to do, she stuck it out.

Back in the Swing of ThingsEdit

Later that night she spoke to Pyotr Zagadka in his Lab, and after some light joking about her death, agrees to help him with a new project, Anti-Gravity, based on the Visitor Tech, but using Human Tech. (LOG: Next Time, I'll Stay Dead

The next day she met the newest recruit, Dallas Foster. She learned what she could about him, that he was a S.E.A.L., which instantly made her trust him, due to her father having been one as well. Later that day, she took him down into the Basement, and had a sparring session with Dallas, and learned, that while he may have had no formal training, he is a good brawler, and with some training, he could be an excellent hand to hand fighter. She pronounces him fit for Combat Status. (LOGS: Short Chat and First Blood)

Meeting the White Talon of the Leader's Claw... AKA EzekielEdit





Later that same night, just her second night back on Earth, Heather is getting ready to have a training session with Elizabeth, to finally teach her how to fight with a sword, when Heather gets a chance to show her how to have a more formal duel with one than she ever expected to get a chance to show.

Ezekiel, White Talon of the Leader's Claw, or personal hatchet-man of the Leader, and outside of Diana's Chain of Command, stops by the Ranch, to investigate the Resistance, the Mothership that stopped by, and to give them a 'warning'. He was sent to Earth to destroy the Fifth Column.

Heather, sensing an opportunity, challenges Ezekiel to a duel with the sword strapped to his back. The terms are: She wins, he gives her two weeks to warn the Fifth Column before he hunts them down. If he wins, he can ask one question, and she swears she will answer truthfully. The only rules are: No other weapons, other than the Swords, and no death or serious injury.

They fight, and Heather quickly realized that her Katana is not a match, strength wise, for his Long Sword, and that she will have to be careful not to block too many of his strikes with her blade. She settles for her speed and agility to get out of the way of his blows. She strikes first, but he quickly strikes back. After many passes, both are bleeding, both are winded, but Heather is able to convince Ezekiel to yield, and it is a good thing, because she would have yielded, had he not.

He promises to give her the two weeks.


Doctor Quinn, Medical Bitch

He than asks where in Los Angeles he can find Swedish Meatballs... A Shocked Heather, For Visitors can not digest cooked food, as it makes them sick, answers...

Ezekiel leaves, after giving Elizabeth a few looks that Heather doesn't like, so she warns Ezekiel to 'Not try to steal her girlfriend'.

After the fight, Heather is once again left to get tended to by Angelica.... But at least it is not Doctor Quinn, Bitch Medicine Woman, right? Elizabeth and Pyotr discuss the ramifications of the visit, while Heather gets her medical treatment.

(All the Above is in LOG: Visits, Sword Fights, and Deals)

Another Bates Problem?Edit


John Bates

John Bates comes out to the Ranch to offer his help to the Resistance. He also gives Julie the last copy of the Security Footage of her Rape (And Heather's), except a copy that Diana has aboard the Mothership, but promises to try and get that copy as well. (LOG: A Good Bates?

Ham is not happy with all the visitors (Both Human and Sirian) that the ranch is getting and comments on it, admonishing Heather about fighting the Duel with Ezekiel. She defends her actions against Ham's attacks... with limited success. Luckily Ham is in a pretty good mood, because recently Ham's wife has returned from the dead.

Other Projects and Resistance MembersEdit

Later that night, Heather and Pyotr begin work on the Rail Gun project they have begun, by stripping the Anti-Gravity Generators out of a Sky Fighter, and while they work, they discuss the visits to the ranch, their families, and their childhoods. Their friendship begins to grow deeper. (LOG: After Bates' Visit

The next day, Heather is working on the Harrier, and she and Dallas talk. While talking, she says a few semi-flirting things, which annoys Dallas, as he has figured out that Heather and Elizabeth are a couple. This leads to Dallas Storming off, and Heather once again wondering what she said. (LOG: What did I say?)


Later that day. she gave an Interview with Denise Daltry:

SEPTEMBER 20, 2005

  • From the Archives of Freedom Network

Marine Colonel Heather O'Leary


Denise Daltry

Good evening everyone, this is Denise Daltry with the Freedom Network in New York.

The U.S. Military has announced that effective immediately, they will be instructing the Weapons and Ammunition manufacturing facilities remaining above the Dust Line that they can no longer sell Weapons and Ammo to the general public. All Weapons and Ammo will be taken by the Military, as their Combat Reserves have dropped to all time lows.

The Secretary of Defense had this Statement:

Switch to a video feed of the Sec-Def making a statement:

We realize that this infringes on the Second Amendment, at we hope this only temporary, but at this time, we have to get our Ready Reserves back up to the level where we can defend the United States, the World, against Visitor attack.

Switch back to a Live Feed of Denise Daltry, her face showing marked concern.

What will this mean to the Resistance Forces below the Dust Line? We were unable to get a comment on that from either the Secretary of Defense, or anyone on the Presidential Staff. I do have a confidential informant that has told me that this move, while temporary,is still being debated by the Presidential Cabinet, and it has opposition at the highest levels of the Government.

This does not put the fears of many Resistance Members to rest. In fact, joining us, via Cell Phone, is one of the Leaders of the California Resistance. Colonel O'Leary? Can you hear me?

O'Leary Yes, Denise, I hear you.

The Screen Splits, A Stock File Picture of Heather O'Leary on the Left, the Live Shot of Denise Daltry on the right.

Daltry Thank you for joining us today. Would you care to comment on the Secretary of Defense's latest announcement?

O'Leary Denise... You know, technically, I shouldn't comment. I am an active member of the Military, and the Sec-Def is, by definition, my boss... However, The Resistance must have access to weapons and ammunition, if we are to continue to fight the Visitors. You have to understand, that below the Dust Line, most of the fighting is done by the Resistance groups, not by the Military. The Military has to respond to the World Wide threat, while Local threats are left to the Resistance Groups in the area. The World Liberation Front has promised they would try to get us ammo, but, as everyone knows, the WLF has world wide responsibilities, and many times, individual Resistance Groups only get support from them, when the WLF wants them to preform a specific task. We have yet to see any assistance from the WLF, in more than just a minor fashion.

Daltry Heather, I understand the position I put you in, asking you to comment, and I thank you for your candid answer. What can we do to help? Normally, that is not a question the media asks, but the Freedom Network wants to help, and we will try to do whatever you think will help. Not just your group, but all Resistance Groups.

O'Leary Honestly, Denise? You guys do a lot to boost the morale of the Resistance groups around the globe, and for that, I thank you. However, what most groups need, we are fairly well stocked in. We staged a raid on a Visitor Facility, where they stored captured Ammunition and Weapons, before they destroyed it. We have Ammunition... We do lack Power Packs for the Laser Sidearms and Rifles, but, we have our plans for getting them as well... But other Resistance groups? They need Weapons, Ammunition, and volunteers to come down below the Dust Line, and fight. I know that the Freedom Network can best help with that last. Please, everyone listening, do not think that the Resistance, or even the U.S. Military is enough to stop the Visitors. We need your help. Even if you do not think you could handle the fighting... Many people are just not cut out for a life where combat is always something to be watched for... You can still help. We need Doctors, Medical Supplies, many Resistance Groups need food... I hate to beg for help, but we can not continue this fight without the assistance of you, those above the Dust Line, sending supplies. I am sure there is someone willing to coordinate a center for donations to the Resistance... And if not, I will find someone to go and do that job. Even if I have to send someone from here.

Daltry Don't worry about sending someone... I know just the person for the Job. Viewers, Listeners, Readers... if you want to help, contact the Freedom Network... For now, just ask for Denise Daltry, and I will take charge of the effort, until I can speak to White Christmas about taking it over. And while I know Colonel O'Leary did not ask for it, if you have weapons, or Ammunition, or anything else the Resistance might need, please, let us help you send it to the War Effort.

O'Leary Denise, Thank You. You have no idea what that means to the Resistance.

Denise It's the least we, here at the Freedom Network, can do to help. Thank you for joining us tonight Heather. You have our prayers, our thanks, and our best wishes for your continued efforts.

The Screen returns to just the Live Shot of Denise Daltry

Please help us help the Resistance. Contact the Freedom Network for more information.

From the Freedom Network in New York, This is Denise Daltry, signing off, and reminding you to Be Safe, and our Prayers are with you.

As the screen fades, Denise flashes the 'V' for Victory, with her right hand.

The Loss of JulieEdit


Scarlett, Josh's Favorite G.I. Joe... Reminds him of Momma!


Sancho Gomez

October dawned with happiness for Heather, she went to New York. Joshua and Amanda needed a visit from their mother, badly. Joshua thought she was in heaven, with God, and Heather needed to see them just as badly. Through teary eyes she held them both for at least an hour, until Josh asked, "Momma? Can I go play with my 'Joes?" Pete's friend, and fellow Baseball player, Joey Vitale, had given the boy his entire collection of G.I. Joe toys, and the boy was enamored with them, and wanted to play more. Josh, being the resilient kid he was, had gotten over the 'back to life' moment quickly.

Heather returned to California, just in time to learn that Julie, Maggie, and Sancho Gomez had been captured by the Visitors.



Julie and the others had responded to a request for help, and were captured by Diana, Lydia and Jake. They were taken aboard the Mothership, and Julie was subjected, for the second time, to the Conversion Chamber. With no way to escape, and no one able to rescue her, Julie was converted, and given to Nathan Bates as a toy.

(LOGS: Capture, Conversion Part I, Conversion Part II, and Conversion Part III)

Maggie and Sancho were able to escape, during a prisoner transfer to the Visitor Consulate, with word that Julie was being converted. They were not, however able to give any more details.

Ammo IssuesEdit


Julie is Converted!

Ammo for both Human and Visitor weapons are becoming an issue, and raids are scaled down, until such issues can be addressed, so much of the next month is spent training with the other members of the Resistance in Hand to Hand Combat, Ground Combat Tactics, and scrounging for ammo supplies anywhere even a rumor of a weapons cache turns up.

Very little is found, but just enough is kept around so that one or two minor fights can be fought, or one invasion of the Ranch could be beaten back.

Harrier ProblemsEdit

Heather has no choice but to stop working on the Harrier, as there is no longer any Av-Gas available to fly it. All Oil-Based products have been placed under Government control, due to shortages. It is unlikely that the Harrier will ever fly again... Most of the Automobiles on the Ranch are also in danger of running on fumes, although a few are converted to running on Bio-Diesel.

With temperatures dropping, and heating oil being scare, Fireplaces are kept going at all hours, and Resistance members are encouraged to spend many hours out chopping wood...

Lydia is Captured... AgainEdit




Charis Faber

Heather, Elizabeth, and Alexis are able to capture Lydia, despite the presence of two Elite Shock Trooper Guards, Nathan Bates, Two of his Enforcers, and Julie. Yes, this is the confirmation of Julie's conversion. While it rocks the Resistance to the core, they press on with the mission, Elizabeth stunning Julie in the process, and capture Lydia. (LOG: Lydia's Captured

They take her to Chris Faber's place, and question Lydia. When they figure out that they will get nothing from her, and there is no viable prisoner exchange, they have to make a choice, Kill a prisoner, or let her go. Heather can not kill a prisoner. It goes against what she believes in, even though she has done it before, she will not do it now.

They release Lydia, at Science Frontiers.

Liberation Day was 3 years AgoEdit


John Bates

December, a cold month in the mountains, made colder without Ammo, without Powerpacks, without Heating oil....

Heather runs as many recon missions as she can, trying to locate ammo, power packs, any kind of heating supplies or fuel she can... But it is John Bates that provides the Resistance with much needed information on where they can get some Ammo. There is a 'Central Lockup' where the Visitors are storing Human Weapons and Amm captured around the California, in San Francisco. They send it there to be destroyed.

On the third anniversary of Liberation Day, the Resistance attacks, liberating enough ammo to last them easily a month of hard fighting. Two or three if they are conservative.

While this gives the Resistance something to celebrate, Christmas, as well as Liberation Day, is still a bittersweet time for the Resistance. Julie is still converted, the Visitors are still on Earth, the Ranch is still dark and cold, and they are still running low on most supplies.


Rescuing JulieEdit

Mike Donovan




Heather, Ham, Donovan, and Elizabeth sneak into Science Frontiers and rescue Julie, using access codes given to them by John Bates. They are able to get in and out, with no incidents, except injuries Heather and Donovan, who had to subdue Julie, due to her programming.

On their way back to the Ranch, they were intercepted by a Skyfighter, which between Elizabeth's piloting, and Ham's gunnery skills, they were able to shoot down before it could track them, or shoot them down.

Elizabeth used the Conversion Chamber they had captured from the Atlanta Mothership to De-Convert Julie. Donovan flew Julie to New York for some down time, and some psychiatric treatment. Heather tagged along, for a brief visit with Josh and Amanda.

She was only in New York for three days.


M72 law

LAW Rocket


Visitor Squad Ship

John Bates once again was able to supply the Resistance with much needed information, a Visitor Supply Convoy was driving from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona, carrying Power Packs, Visitor Weapons, and uniforms. While heavily guarded, the Resistance NEEDED the supplies it carried, so Ham, Elizabeth and Heather all agreed it was worth the risk. They stripped the Ranch of almost every capable fighter, and prepared an ambush for the supply Convoy.

When the Convoy was hit, the lead truck was disabled with a LAW Rocket to the engine, and the rear truck's tires were all shot out. Many Resistance fighters were hurt and killed in the raid, but of the two hundred Resistance fighters, only twenty died. Two Hundred Visitor Shock Troopers died, and enough Powerpacks to supply the Resistance's power needs for an entire month was secured. They used two Squad Ships to return the power packs to the ranch.

Every Visitor weapon they had was given a full charge, plus a back up power pack, and the power supply for the ranch was back on line for the next month, as well as the heating system.

Fuel ProblemsEdit


Thomas Krieger



The Resistance's Gasoline reserve falls to less than 100 gallons. The Aviation Gas reserve stands at a full load in the Harrier and Blackhawk, and one 55 gallon barrel.

At the end of February, Julie returned from New York, just in time to lead the Resistance on a Recon of a Fuel Storage Facility that Heather had located in the Arizona desert.

However, this recon turned out to be an ambush. Heather, Julie, and newer member of the Resistance, Thomas Krieger, ran into a guard of 3 Visitor Shock Troopers. The Shock Troopers engaged, severely injuring Heather, who was shot by Laser Rifles in the chest, stomach and upper-right thigh. Thomas was shot twice in the chest. However, they were the only guards, and Heather called in for a Tanker to come and get a load of gasoline. Over 1,000,000 gallons of gasoline was liberated by the Resistance.

On the return flight, Thomas saw a Mi-24D Hind, at a military base that was used to train the Army to fight Russians, that he WANTS. (LOGS: Fuel Capture and Life Goes On.)

Old FriendEdit

On the last evening of February, Alexis Ayala returns to the Ranch, and Heather is the first person to greet her. With a Kiss, no less. Not a lover's kiss, but a tad more than friendly one. (LOGS: The Return of Alexis)


On the Second day of March, Heather, Pyotr and Elizabeth discover a way to recharge Powercells for Visitor Laser Weapons (LOG: Recharge)

Mi-24d Hind!Edit

On the third day of March, Heather joins a group that helps Thomas Krieger steal a Mi-24D Hind from the Op-Force Army base in Arizona. During this raid, she was severely wounded by a Visitor Laser Blast through her lower abdomen. A few days later, Dr. Michaela Quinn discovers that the blast has burnt a hole in her Uterus, and is forced to do a subtotal hysterectomy, which means that part of Heather's Uterus was removed, leaving her unable to have children. She is still in a lot of pain, even 6 days after the raid, and she goes to visit the Infirmary, to get pain medicine, where she learns Elizabeth may also be having a medical problem, but she can not learn what it is, nor will Elizabeth tell her. (Log: Hind Dreaming and Pain and Suffering)

New HeadquartersEdit


El Toro Marine Corp Air Station


Elizabeth Maxwell's new look

With the knowledge that Elizabeth may be having medical issues, plus the sheer number of times the Ranch has been compromised, Heather begins considering new locations for a Resistance Headquarters. She talks Pyotr into going with her, and Thomas tags along, and they look over El Toro Marine Air Station, where Heather was first stationed after the Academy. In order for Heather to complete the reconnaissance, she injects herself a few times with pain medicine. (Log: The Search Begins)

Elizabeth ChangesEdit

Shortly after the Recon, Heather still unable to located Elizabeth, is resting on the couch, although, moping might be a better way of putting it, is surprised when someone new arrives on the Ranch, at 10:00 at night. When the woman gives her a hug, a silent one at that, she is even more surprised. It is soon discovered that this silent woman is Elizabeth.... She has once again undergone metamorphosis. (Log: A New Elizabeth) (THROUGH A New Elizabeth)

OOC InformationEdit



Mov hi-res

Medal of Valor

One of three Resistance members to have worked for Science Frontiers, and could possibly still monitor Science Frontiers Radio Chatter.

Only two time award winner of the the Freedom Network's Medal of Valor. (As an Individual) (So Far)

Heather is in love with Elizabeth Maxwell.

Heather has two adoptive children, Joshua and Amanda O'Leary, who are currently living in new York with Denise Daltry.

The Actress behind the character is Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist)

Character InformationEdit

Heather is played by her creator.


Below is listed all Role Play Logs Heather appears in, along with the date, and a brief synopsis of what occurred in the log.



  • Visits to L.A. - February - Heather O'Leary has just gotten into town at this point. She hardly even has clothes on her back… Time to go shopping for everything! - Rated R for Violence, Language, and Adult Themes


  • Raising the Frame - Early July - The need for storage space is overwhelming the old Barn, and putting their intended Squadship capture in will be impossible. Building Time! - Rated PG
  • Building the Barn - Early July - Martin Grace joins up with the LA Resistance, and we might be able to finish the barn and get it up and online! - Rated PG
  • The Rescue - Early July - This one's been on the Mothership for a long time… and they don't intend to bring him down. Time for the Resistance to pull one of its most clandestine actions! - Rated R for Post-Mission Activities
  • Skyfighter Ambush - Early July - Four lizards, slipping to somewhere they can get snacks? They're all alone with no backup… Time to steal their ship! - Rated PG-13 for Violence
  • ... But is he converted? - Early July - If the mission seems to be going too well, is it legit? Or is it a trap to get a spy into the resistance? (takes place the day after Skyfighter Ambush) - Rated R for Adult Themes, and Language
  • New Toys - Mid July - The resistance picked up a Skyfighter easily enough, but they haven't gotten a squadship as yet. And its a lot bigger to do some of the things they've been using the fighters for… Time to get one! - Rated PG-13 for Violence
  • Repair and Recovery - Late July - When the mission doesn't go entirely right, it can be very stressful on people. Mistakes can happen when someone gets upset… - Rated R/NC-17 for Implied Nudity and Sexual Themes
  • Reconnaissance Run - Late July - While getting the squadship, one Resistance member saw something that she couldn't bear to live without, or see in enemy hands. If we can get to it, and analyze the guard pattern, we can make a go for it! - Rated PG
  • Capture of a Harrier - Late July - After scouting LAX to find out how to get the Harrier out of enemy hands, its time to strike, and claim it for the Resistance! - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Breaking the News... - Sunday, August 1 - After the offer has been given, Mike comes back to the ranch. And the rest of the Resistance at large hears about the 'offer'. But there are always... possibilities… - Rated PG-13
  • Battle Plans - Monday, August 2 - At dinner the night after the news is broken, Elizabeth isn't happy with what Heather said the night before. But after thinking on it more, there's a workable plan to take Sean back… without a trade! - Rated PG
  • The Waiting Game - Tuesday, August 3 - So the plans are all set, and everyone knows what to do. Now it's just the long wait for the trade, and making sure the most exposed target can shoot straight. And talking about what will happen afterwards… - Rated PG
  • Face Off! - Wednesday, August 4 - The time for the trade has come to pass. But is their plan good enough? Or will it result in a disaster for the whole resistance? - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Just Another Day In Paradise - August 4th - With Sean back in Resistance hands, it's wind-down time, and life resumes its semblance of normal. Now for an even more Spectacular Plan! (Takes place just after 'Face Off!') - Rated PG-13/R for some Adult silliness and themes.
  • The Resistance Food Network - August 6th - Coming… soon(?) to the Freedom Network, it's the LA Resistance Cooking Show! - Rated PG
  • Target Practice and Strike Plans - August 7th - A little shooting range activity for Heather and Elizabeth turns into large scale planning discussion when Mike and Julie show up… (Takes place one day after 'The Resistance Food Network') - Rated PG-13 for early content
  • Party in San Diego - Sunday, August 8 - So, the recon has been done for the attack on the San Diego processing center… Time for a wild battle! - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • Medical Disputes - Monday, August 9 - When the battle is done, its time for people to start recovering… Some doctors are NOT friendly! - Rated PG-13
  • Recovery Blues - Monday, August 9 - The two worst injury cases from San Diego are getting visitors, and getting restless (Runs partially concurrent to Get the Doctor a Doctor, and picks up after end of that log, where noted) - Rated PG-13
  • Cooking Show 2 - Tuesday, August 10 - While the recovery continues the night after the blues, the LA Resistance cooking show picks up. On the menu now? Chicken Fried Steak! - Rated PG
  • Grand Plans - Thursday, August 12 - After a brief report on the Freedom Network, Elizabeth is starting to hatch a plan… one that could lead to the biggest, most long distance raid in the history of the LA Resistance! - Rated R for Adult Situations
  • Fighter Check - Friday, August 13 - The longest range plan in Resistance history is in the planning. But is the equipment ready for it? And are the plans solid? - Rated R for Adult Content
  • Another Day, Another Raid - Friday, August 13 - Ham and Julie are out on a small scale action. Only 4 Visitors to take out… Easy mission, right? Wrong! - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • The Return of Polly Maxwell - Part 1 - Sunday, August 15 - Robin's younger sister Polly is back… and she's got a beef to pick with all the Resistance, especially her niece! - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • The Raid to End All Raids - Monday, August 16 - The plans have been set, the tactics have been laid out, and the day has come. Time for the longest range strike in LA Resistance history! - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • The Flight Home - Part 1 - Tuesday, August 17 (early)) - The ships is theirs… or is it? One enemy still lurks… - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • The Flight Home - Part 2 - Tuesday, August 17 - With the ship secured, all that's left is to fly it back. But there's still trouble afoot, waiting for them back home… - Rated PG
  • Hangar Deck Entertainments - Wednesday, August 18 (early)) - The ship is back into Earth orbit, hovering over the northeast. Now its just for personal errands, and fixing things to go home…
  • The Landing - Wednesday, August 18 - Time to put the big ship into its resting place, and go back home! - Rated PG-13 for Adult Situations and Language
  • Important Meetings - Wednesday, August 18 - If you had to meet the President of the United States, wouldn't you want to do it after two days without a shower? Our intrepid heroes have to! - Rated PG
  • The Polly Problem - Thursday, August 19 - Now that the group is all back home with their pickings, its time to deal with the leftover problems from before they left. But what to do with Polly? - Rated PG
  • Final Showdown - Friday, August 20 (early)) - After all the confrontations, and the wondering of what to do, its time for a final confrontation, a final showdown with the hopes of resolving the issue of Polly. - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • Ryan Rivers Joins - Saturday, August 21 - This one just showed up on the ranch doorstep… no one knew who he was for several hours! - Rated PG-13 for Language
  • Assault on the Ojai Prison Camp - Sunday, August 22 - Friends, relatives, and potential allies are all being held inside a Visitor prison compound. But will infiltration for position work right? - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Destruction of the Club Creole - Tuesday, August 24 - The plan to get Julie off the hook is going to involve destroying the [[Club Creole|Club]... But things start to go wrong from the start, when the plan starts unfolding! - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Nightmares Come Alive - Tuesday, August 24 - One of the captures is someone Diana very much wanted to see... on the inside of the Conversion Chamber... - Warning: Rated NC-17 for Adult Content
  • The Great Escape - Wednesday, August 25 - Heather escapes the Mother Ship, but in what condition? And who are her rescuers? - Rated R for Violence, Language, and Nudity
  • Crashing Ships and Crashing People - Thursday, August 26 - It seems someone had a fighter sabotaged, over on the other side of things… but a second fighter crashing on the ranch in two days? - Rated R for Language and Violence and CHARACTER DEATH
  • Angel's Day - Saturday, August 28 - Trying to get adjusted to LA, the dust zone, and the people in general is still a long process for the Lizard Angel. So are patients who don't listen! - Rated PG
  • Heather's Betrayal - Saturday, August 28 - It seems that Heather might be more converted that anyone thought. A mission the thought she could use for disinformation… turns her into a traitor when the conversion takes hold! - Rated PG-13 for Adult Themes
  • Unscrambling the Eggs and Hash - Sunday, August 29 - With Heather converted enough that it can take hold of her and make her betray the Resistance, she becomes a serious security risk until the conversion is undone. So off to New York, to get the conversion undone! Rated R for Language, Adult Themes, and Sexual References
  • Spying on People? - Monday, August 30 - It seems that some people like some of the new arrivals less than others… - Rated PG
  • Racing to Jail? - Monday, August 30 - Heather gets pulled over with incriminating evidence… but who is the officer, and how will she get out? - Rated PG
  • Post-Capture Checkups - Tuesday, August 31 - Heather still isn't fully healed from what was done to her on the ship, she's battered and bruised, and it's time she got to the doctor for some help! Rated PG


  • Trip Planning - Wednesday, September 1 - Hmm… its just about that time again. Time to get some supplies from up north where the dust is keeping all of the Visitors away. - Rated PG
  • Payback Time - Wednesday, September 1 (night)) - When Heather betrayed the Resistance, not all the info given was accurate. Time to exploit disinformation before they figure out she isn't converted. The time to strike the LA Consulate has come! - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Trouble On the Menu - Thursday, September 2 - Two people, trying to keep a cover up… and their covers seem to be working just a little bit too well! - Rated PG-13
  • Near Death Situation - Thursday, September 2 - Lunch didn't go over too well for Heather… The biggest danger to her wasn't from the mob, but from injuries that hadn't been tended to yet!
  • Lover's Quarrel - Friday, September 3 - Was lunch with Julie something to almost literally die for, for Heather? Elizabeth certainly doesn't think so! - Rated PG-13 for Language and Nudity
  • Arrival of Alexis - Friday, September 3 - The recruiting drive just gets better and better! Another military person, Alexis, joins the fray now, to continue the fight. - Rated PG
  • Cleaning up the Fallout - Friday, September 3 (late)) - After the big fight, neither Heather or Elizabeth is happy with themselves. Time for a little more talking, and maybe a restoration of happiness! - Rated PG-13 for Language
  • Working the Range - Saturday, September 4 - It seems the ranch didn't go unscathed from the crashing fighters, parts of the fence are down! - Rated PG
  • Not Quite Fixed - Sunday, September 5 - While looking over the ships in the barn, Heather makes a discovery about the ship Elizabeth crashed and fixed… - Rated PG
  • Attack on the Ranch - Monday, September 6 - It started as a quiet night of Elizabeth worrying about Heather… and it turned into a major mess! - Rated R for Violence and Adult Themes
  • Party in New York! - Tuesday, September 7 - After talking about it a while, it's time to gather up all the gang, and head off to New York for a couple of days! - Rated PG
  • Babysitting and Taxi Duty - Tuesday, September 7 - It seems that the initial group wasn't everyone going to New York… Time for tour shuttle 2 to launch! - Rated R for language
  • One Dark Night - Wednesday, September 8 - Seems the trip isn't going quite as planned… on day two, troubles abound! - Rated PG-13 for Adult Themes
  • The Voyage Home - Thursday, September 9 (Late)) - Ham has ordered Heather home to keep the President from trying to woo her onto his staff any further… time for a fresh day after the dark night! - Rated PG
  • Shuttles and Draft Paper - Friday, September 10 - What started out as work on Elizabeth's personal embarrassment (Shuttle 570) turned into an interesting night… - Rated PG
  • Skyfighter Problems - Friday, September 10 - More fighter problems… This time, it's even worse! - Rated PG
  • The El Paso Supply Depot Raid - Saturday, September 11 - To repair the fighter, equipment and parts are going to be needed. Barring a mothership assault, attacking a supply depot is the best way of doing it. - Rated R for Violence, Language, and Sexual References
  • Post El Paso Medical Center - Sunday, September 12 - With a lot of people hurt in the El Paso raid, there were antics aplenty to be had in the infirmary after… some grumpy, some hungry, some even a little bit… fussy? - Rated PG
  • Off to Kansas City - Sunday, September 12 - Hmm… a spur of the moment date, clear to Kansas City…All sorts of things can happen with that! Much better than New York though! - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Caged Red - Monday, September 13 - Hmm, lots of dangerous equipment around base. That and munitions for jets… time to build a few cages, to keep them locked up in. - Rated PG-13 for Language
  • Cooking Show 3 - Monday, September 13 - What started out as a nice little dinner plan, turned into a major social incident for several people… Too bad, because the dinner was good! - Rated PG
  • As the Mush Turns - Tuesday, September 14 - Everyone has been having issues of some kind or another lately, time for them all to get spilled out! - Rated PG-13 for Language
  • Rescramble, part 1 - Wednesday, September 15 - After Elizabeth's return from New York, it's time for an apology for the fight with Heather, and to break the bad news about what it'll take to fix the memory gaps and associated issues… maybe even time to start it! - Rated PG-13 for Language, Nudity, and Sexual Themes
  • Rescramble, Part 2 - Thursday, September 16 (early)) - Parts of the memory have been restored, how much more will be put back in this round? Will Heather be able to take much more? And what till the end results be? - Rated PG-13 for Language, Nudity, and Sexual Themes
  • Cats and Dogs - Thursday, September 16 - With the restoration completed, all that's left is to recover, and make sure Heather is back to being all right. Also… an encounter… - Rated PG
  • Discussions without Solutions - Friday, September 17 - A little idle chat in a training room, just prior to the big Resistance command staff meeting. After a hair incident… - Rated PG
  • Staff Meetings - Friday, September 17 - A big resistance Command Staff meeting, to sort out issues with other resistance members, and the ugly details of the big plan! - Rated PG
  • The Apprentice - Friday, September 17 (late)) - Time for a major firing, and a major hiring, on fatal levels! - Rated R for Violence, Attempted Rape, and Death
  • Tender yet Bitter - Saturday, September 18 - A little bit of kitchen talk, a little bit of girlfriends reunited, and a little bit of heavy discussion… - Rated PG
  • Raids, Revelations, and ANOTHER Crashing Ship - Sunday, September 19 - Situations can get really ugly really fast… Heather's technically Ryan's new boss… /IF/ she goes in to work again, and doesn't decide against the whole thing… Meanwhile, major attacks require major backup. The gang goes to the rescue, but with a mostly injured crew… problems happen… - Rated R for Language and Violence
  • Awakenings - Monday, September 20 - Heather wakes up after the crash. OUCH! - Rated PG-13 for Nudity
  • Radar and Small Animals - Monday, September 20 - Hmm. Squirrels, unknown bush rustlings, overly planned things that would take too much time, and maybe even a few later plans… - Rated PG-13 for Adult Situations
  • Not Quite a Church Camp - Monday, September 20 - Food issues, flaring tempers, people unconscious, people trying to be conscious… welcome to Camp! - Rated PG-13 for Nudity and Language
  • Yells, Threats, and BEARS! - Tuesday, September 21 (early)) - Trying to get Julie to get herself fixed is always a problem… and the camp gets a visit from a, well, local. - Rated PG-13 for Language
  • By Land and By Air - Tuesday, September 21 - Long walks, attempted hitchhiking, rescues, small children, and personal issues. Who could ask for more? - Rated PG-13 for various things
  • Lunch and Children - Wednesday, September 22 (early) - Heather and Elizabeth talk about the two new youngest members of the LA Camp, while they're being taken to see horses, and being fed. - Rated G
  • Baby and Car Shopping - Wednesday, September 22 - Heather and Elizabeth have to go out shopping for the new little children… with Ryan coming to help along the way, for car shopping! - Rated G
  • Sin... er, Bates Does It HIS Way!: (The Great Escape, part I) - Thursday, September 23 (early) - What a way to go back to work. Ordered to hunt down and capture your best friends! - Rated PG-13 for Adult Themes
  • Arrest and Capture: (The Great Escape, Part II) - Thursday, September 23 - As the Chief of Security, Heather has been ordered to bring Mike and Julie by midnight, or she's gone! But Julie wants her cover kept… - Rated PG-13 for Adult Themes
  • Final Escape: (The Great Escape, Part III) - Friday, September 24 - After the nightmare of the previous night and day, it's time for the final chapter of the great escape, and the need for ALL ties to Science Frontiers to be broken! - Rated R for Language, Violence, and Adult Themes
  • I'll Be Fine - Saturday, September 25 - With everyone home, the time for healing, both physical and mental, has started. The time when some people need someone there with them… - Rated PG-13 for some Adult Themes
  • Dinner and Fists Through a Wall - Sunday, September 26 - What starts out as a supper for the kids, turns into a kitchen confrontation between the most stubborn women in the Resistance! - Rated PG-13 for Adult Themes
  • Issues and Misunderstandings - Monday, September 27 - There are /PROBLEMS/, then there are problems. Too bad some minor issues can be embarrassing enough to cause big trouble… - Rated PG-13 for Sexual Situations
  • A Time for Healing - Monday, September 27 (concurrent with Issues and Misunderstandings) - Good thing there are people with a lot more relationship knowledge than Elizabeth… since her relationship is the one seeming most in trouble from all that happened… - Rated R for Sexual Situations and Nudity
  • Playing Cupid - Tuesday, September 28 - With the relationship restored, it's time for planning things later, though not without minor dispute, and more importantly, to help a new relationship take off! - Rated PG
  • Stress Ulcer - Wednesday, September 29 (early) - A lot has happened over the last month… all of it seemingly bad…- Rated PG
  • Off to Texas - Wednesday, September 29 - Hmm… So, the dairy plan is a go… now to get the equipment… off to Texas we go, for Heather to meet some old friends, and older enemies! - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • Cattle Preparation - Thursday, September 30 - Time for unloading after Texas, and getting ready for the equipment setup… - Rated PG-13 for Sexual Situations
  • Trip to Russia - Friday, October 1 - Monday, October 4 (early) - It's time for another big trip… this time, it's off as far as Russia, to get supplies through… the black market? But which is more dangerous? The black marketeers or the government? - Rated R for Violence, Language, and Sexual Situations
  • Idle Chatter and Revelations - Monday, October 4 - Always time for the girls to get together during recovery… Just that with these two, things can go from sweet chatter, to complete seriousness, in moments. - Rated PG-13 for Adult Themes
  • Attack on San Pedro - Monday, October 11 - Hmm… a Visitor command post in San Pedro? What could that be? Other than something to be removed with extreme prejudice? - Rated R for Violence and Language
  • The Battle for the South Side - November 3 - Bates has ordered the hunting down and execution of all resistance members within the city. Now, with the Resistance in town to protect retreating groups, a major battle is about to unfold! - Rated PG-13 for Violence/Language



  • Next Time, I'll Stay Dead - September 17 - It has been almost a month since Heather was believed killed in action. She returns, and almost wishes she hadn't... than has a long talk with Pyotr - Rated PG-13 for Language and Adult Situations
  • Short Chat - September 18 - Heather returned from the dead the night before, and she is still seeing what she missed in the last month - Rated-PG
  • First Blood - September 18 - After having done what she needed in the Barn, Heather returns to the porch, just in time for Dallas to return from his run, and the two talk, than they take the talk downstairs, and fight. - Rated PG-13 for Violence
  • Visits, Sword Fights, and Deals - September 18 - Seems someone noticed the Mothership stopping by, the previous night. So investigated. - Rated-R for Violence
  • After Bates' Visit - September 19 - The Aftermath of John Bates' Visit - Rated PG-13 for Language
  • What did I say? - September 20 - Heather is working on her Harrier when Dallas walks into the Barn. They talk, and it seems like Heather may have said something wrong. - Rated PG-13 for Language


  • Lydia's Captured - November 27 - Lydia is spotted by the Resistance, time for them to follow a plan... and when Bates shows up, so much the better! - Rated R for Violence, Language, and Adult Situations



  • Recharge (March 2, 2006) - Heather O'Leary, Pyotr Zagadka, and Elizabeth Maxwell work on figuring out how to Charge Visitor Laser Weapons!
  • Hind Dreaming (March 3, 2006) - Is it time to capture another Helicopter? Yes!
  • Pain and Suffering (March 9, 2006) - Heather was hurt very badly in the raid to get the Hind, she goes looking for Pain Medicine, and later, Elizabeth.
  • The Search Begins (March 10, 2006) - Heather decides it is time to contemplate a back up base to the Ranch.
  • A New Elizabeth (March 13, 2006) - Elizabeth has been missing for a few days. She returns to the Ranch.



Listed below are the Languages Heather is considered fluent in, along with an explanation as to how she learned the language.


She picked it up while she was stationed in Saudi Arabia, and decided to study it during the evenings, to better communicate with the Saudi's that worked on the base.


She is American, so she speaks, of course, American English.


Her father taught her and her brother the ancient language of the Irish.


She studied this while at the Naval Academy, so that she could more easily communicate with members of the Russian Air Force whom she thought she still might have to confront one day.


She started learning this at a young age, from the Ranch Hands on her father's Ranch, and continued the study in middle school and high school. She had become fluent in it before she graduated from High School.



Sirian Alphabet

From long term exposure to it, both from Elizabeth, and from spending so long repairing Visitor technology, she has come to read and understand Spoken Sirian. However, she can only speak a few words of the language, as Human vocal chords can not recreate all of the sounds.



Heather is tall, just over 6'2", with long, red hair, that flows loosely to the middle of her back. Her face is very attractive, and you are lead to wonder why she chose not to be a model, discounting the knife scar on her left cheek, starting just below her left green eye, and trailing down to her jaw. This question only lasts until you look at the rest of the package. She is too muscular to be considered pretty. Her arms and legs show definite development of the muscles that are there, to the peak of their condition, not to the level of a bodybuilder, or so that you'd mistake her for a man, but there is a leanness, not the softness of a normal woman. Her breasts seem to be the least developed part of her body, they are small, kept close to her body. She holds herself with a stance that shows she is light on her feet, and likely, has had training in some self defense.


Below are the different outfits she might be wearing.


She is currently wearing Nothing! (You wish there was more!)


She is dressed all in black. Tight, Black Jeans, with a special insert in them to allow her to use all her martial arts without splitting a seam cover her legs. The jeans are held up with a belt, on which rests a holstered Laser Sidearm on one hip, a Holstered Glock 20 on the other, and a holster combat knife in the small of her back. A Long-Sleeve Black Shirt covers her upper body, fitting tightly. Strapped over top of this is a standard Kevlar Vest. Criss-crossing her vest is Military-grade webgear which allows her to store ammo clips, an extra Laser Power pack, a grenade or two, and the holster for her Desert Eagle Pistol. Sometimes, across her back, she has a katana strapped. If so, it has a plain black hilt, with a plain black scabbard. Her long, red hair is braided into a bun, and tucked up underneath a black stocking cap. Dull, black Combat Boots and black, finger-less gloves complete the outfit. Her face is darkened with black face paint, completing her transformation into Resistance fighter.


She is currently wearing something that really shows off her body. She is wearing a White Dress that comes down to Mid thigh. Her legs are covered in white pantyhose, displaying them perfectly. The dress is form fitting, and allows her arms to be displayed as well. The shoulder straps are very thin. The dress shows off her assets, while drawing attention away from the lesser parts. Her feet are slipped into a pair of 1 inch heeled slip-on White Shoes.


She is wearing a Red Jump suit, that has the appearance of a Flight Suit. Various pockets in the jumpsuit hold all a pilot would need, if forced to eject from their plane. Strapped to her chest, in a quick release holster is a Desert Eagle M-XIX pistol. All the trimming of the Jumpsuit is in black, as are her boots. On her hands are black gloves that match her suits trim. On her head, or resting on her hip, is a Blue Flight Helmet with the word 'Banshee' stenciled on the side.


She is currently wearing a pair of black Jeans, with a special insert in them to allow her to use he martial arts without splitting the hems. Covering that is a plain white cotton tank top, that shows off her small curves, and large, for a woman, muscles.


She is currently wearing a pair of black Jeans, with a special insert in them to allow her to use he martial arts without splitting the hems. Covering that is a plain white cotton tank top, that shows off her small curves, and large, for a woman, muscles. On top of the tank top is a black leather Jacket, it is half zipped up.


Heather is currently wearing an emerald green, silk, button-up blouse, that hangs freely and loosely from her shoulders. On her lower body rests a skin tight pair of leather pants, that are obviously custom made to fit. On her feet are trendy high heel sandals.


She is currently clad in a green T-shirt that is very tight. It hugs her torso, showing off the minor curves of her breasts, and the fact that her arms are very well defined. Covering her lower body is a pair of tight Jean Shorts. One might call them Daisy Dukes. Her feet are covered in white Atheletic shoes. A Belt is fed through the belt loops, and on the belt could be alot of different things. Cell Phone, or a Holstered Weapon is most likely.


She is currently wearing a pair of Red, Marine Corps-Logo'd Sweat Pants, and a grey, Marine Corps-Logo'd Sweat Shirt. The set of sweats appeared old, and both the colors, and the logos, are faded. On her feet are a pair of thick, wool socks, and a set of fur-lined, suede slippers.

Visitor UniformEdit

She currently is wearing a protective helmet composed of a strengthened polymer, coated with a surface material impervious to all but large-caliber bullet hits. The helmet also has a reflective finish to inhibit the effectiveness of glancing laser strikes. The tinted visor is polarized and can be adjusted to varying degrees of translucence by the trooper. The visor protects the eyesight of a trooper in combat, as the "muzzle-flash" of the energy weapon is devastating to the Sirian's sensitive eyes. The shiny black breastplate worn by all shock troopers is composed of closely-woven polymers and sylenium fiber. This lightweight piece is impervious to all but Teflon-coated projectiles and is fireproof.


She is currently wearing a pair of black, spandex shorts. They are very tight, as spandex tends to be. Covering her chest is a tank top made of similar material. It is also almost skin tight, and will not interfere with her movement. her hair is braided, and doubled up, making it hang ONLY to her shoulders. On her feet are a pair of Nike Cross-trainers, and ankle socks.

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

In addition to the weapons shown below, Heather is a Black Belt in: Karate, Akido, and Tae-Kwon-Do. She is also a master in Zen-Sword.