The following News Files are the Heart and Soul of the MUSH, providing Detailed information on Character Generation, THe Theme, Information imporant to the Roleplay on the MUSH. All files in (*) are REQUIRED Reading. All News files, are however, recommended. Ignorance of a News File marked as required, will not be an acceptable excuse for any violation of the Rules.

Advancement - Explains how you can advance your Characters Attributes and Skills

Alts(*) - Rules for Alternate Characters

Armor - A List of the different types of Body Armor Available.

Armory - A List of the more common weapons used. This list is not complete, as the Combat system allows for a high level of customization.

CharGen - This will explain how the Character Generation System works, and also it will explain Skills and Attributes.

Combat(*) - Explains how the Combat Sytem works.

Disclaimer(*) - REQUIRED information

EXP - Shows how you can earn EXP.

FC-Application - The Feature Character Player Application

Features - List of FC's and other Information

Glossary - Terms and Phrases unique to the MUSH

Mothership Locations - Mothership Locations and Commanders

Names(*) - How you should Name your Character Depending on what part you want to Play.

Rules(*) - MUSH Rules

Theme Writeup(*) - Information on the Mush's Theme, it is long, but important to understanding the history of the MUSH

Theme Sources - Thematic Sources for the MUSH. It contains all the sources of the Theme for the MUSH.

Visitors(*) - Alot of Information that is Thematic about the Visitors

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