The Mother Ship, most notably the Supreme Leader Class, represents the summit of Sirian technology and scientific achievement.

Built in sections while orbiting Sirius IV or other conquered worlds, the Supreme Leader Class Mother Ship is 3.2 km or more in circumference, and 900 m tall at the center. It houses a crew of 6500, consisting of 3000 troopers, 1000 support personnel, 2000 technicians, and 500 officers, political personnel, and other VIPs. There are 170 decks on the ship, consisting of 15 docking and fighter bays, 55 command and living quarters, 75 service/storage units, and 25 engineering/drive units. The main structure is a stressed alloy of a sylenium-berillium-soldorite compound. The hull plating and outer skin are composed of a honeycombed sylenium-boronite plating with a self-sealing inner skin to inhibit pressure anomalies and hits by space debris.

Power for the ship comes from three fusion reactors located in the lower third of the hull. Propulsion is achieved with focused-beam gravity drives; the main emanator ring is below the lower hull, and secondary stabilizers are throughout the saucer. The ship is effectively unlimited in range, and can travel up to 200% the speed of light. The ship’s weaponry includes two batteries of 1,000,000 Joule, gas-dynamic lasers suitable for planetary bombardment. Fifty batteries of 120,000 Joule lasers also surround the ship for defense, in addition to the numerous Skyfighters and squad ships on-board. A magnetic jamming envelope and ECM blisters surround the Mother Ship, activated by computer control. In case of emergency, life-pods are located along the ship’s rim, as well as parachutes should there be an evacuation in an atmosphere.

The most deadly weapon in the ships’s arsenal is ironically the one which will destroy even itself. All three fusion reactors can be ordered to overload, resulting in a catastrophic nuclear explosion. In some cases, Mother Ships have been used as suicide weapons, maneuvering into the midst of an enemy fleet and self-destructing. In the Terran Fleet, the storage space in the lower section of the ship has been converted into massive storage vessels, each capable of housing billions of gallons of processed water for transportation

back to Sirius IV. In addition, much space
is devoted to mass hibernation-stasis chambers, which keep the protected subject in a safe state of suspended animation. These chambers were originally used by two-thirds of the ship’s crew on their long journey to Earth.

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