They Arrived in 50 Mother Ships!

Original Location Location on Re-Invasion/Now Original Commander Commander Now
Los Angeles Captured/Destroyed Diana None
New York Captured Roger None
London Los Angeles Lydia Diana
Houston Houston/Destroyed Thomas Thomas/None
Chicago Miami/Destroyed Medea Medea/None
San Fransisco San Fransisco Alan Alan
Mexico City Mexico City Sergio Sergio/Gomez
St. Louis Dallas Mary Krueger Mary Krueger
Atlanta Atlanta/Captured Victor Victor/None
Moscow Hong Kong Ivan Ivan
Bejing Bejing Fe-Chan Fe-Chan
Saudi Arabia (King's City) Saudi Arabia (King's City) Mohammed Mohammed
Baghdad Baghdad Saddam Saddam
Paris Madrid Jaques Jaques
Madrid Athens Pablo Pablo
St. Petersburg New Delhi Sergi Sergi
Boston Charleston Peter Peter
Omaha UNKNOWN/New York Patricia Jennifer
San Diego San Diego/Phoenix Brandon Brandon
Berlin Istanbul Adolph Adolph
Rome Rome Antonio Antonio
Cairo Cairo Abdul Abdul
Manilla Manilla Adrian Adrian
Sydney Sydney Nigel Nigel
Rio De Jaerio Rio De Janerio Ernesto Ernesto
Lima Lima Monica Monica
Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Abraham Abraham
Montreal San Antonio Chris Chris/Medea
Toronto Sante Fe/Destroyed Bobby Bobby/None
Lisbon Lisbon Santos Santos
Warsaw Trioplo Ewa Ewa
San Juan San Juan Teresa Teresa
Darwin Darwin Carol Carol
Tokyo Tokyo Akiko Akiko
Bern Hanoi Adam Adam
Zurich Taipei Gretchen Gretchen
Denver New Orleans Gerard Gerard
Seattle Jacksonville Courtney Courtney
Philadelphia Memphis Carrie Carrie
Bangkok Bangkok Sunan Sunan
Istanbul Ankara Fatima Fatima
Stockholm Destroyed Sven None
Frankfurt Caracas Curt Curt
Amsterdam Pretoria Friedrike Friedrike
Tehran Tehran Firoz Firoz
San Salvador San Salvador Adelina Adelina
Havana Havana Fidel Fidel
Prague Honolulu Jaromir Jaromir
Kabul Kabul Hafiz Hafiz
Islamabad Islmabad Naveed Naveed

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Mothership was captured by the Los Angeles Resistance at the end of the First Visitor War, however it was destroyed by the LA Resistance, in the opening days of the Second Visitor War, to prevent a Visitor super Weapon, the Partical Beam Triax from destroying Los Angeles, and most of Southern California.

New York

The New York Mothership was captured by the Fifth Column at the end of the First Visitor War, and Jennifer killed the Ship's CO, Roger. She helped the US President, and the New York Resistance, White Christmas, return all the water and people in its holding areas to their rightful places.


The Houston Mothership was destroyed by Marine Pilot Heather O'Leary, by firing Maverick Missiles (A Full Harrier load of 6) into the Command Center. This caused the Mothership to loss control, and instead of hovering, it fell onto the City of Houston, killing everyone on board, and creating a 100 mile in radius impact crater. This Crater was quickly filled by the Gulf of Mexico, forming the Bay of Houston.


The Atlanta Mothership was damaged by the US Air Force, and it left the planet for Sirius with a skeleton crew for repairs. However, the LA Resistance captured the Mothership, near Pluto, and returned it to the US, hiding it in Maine.

Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Mothership was Destroyed by another Mothership, after a quick fight over Sante Fe, the two Motherships went into the Atmosphere, and the Unknown Mothership (Formerly the Omaha Mothership) was able to Destroy the Sante Fe Mothership.


The Omaha Mothership was taken over by the Fifth Column, after its Commander died between the First and Second Visitor Wars. Jennifer was awarded Command, as she and her Fifth Columnist of New York 'Escaped Roger's Treachery'. She began transferring in Fifth Columnists, and when the Second War restarted, she did not follow orders, instead, she hid behind Mars, until she was ready to bring the Mothership to Earth to assist the Humans. This is not know to the Humans.


The Stolkholm Mothership was Destroyed sometime before the end of the First Visitor War, when the local Resistance forces joined with the Fifth Column, and infiltrated the Command Center. They took the ship into orbit, and when the Moscow and London Motherships followed, to attack, they detonated a stolen nuclear weapon, and destroyed the ship.


The Miami Mothership was destroyed by Medea, the Commander, for reasons unknown. She has since been sent to the San Antonio Mothership, replacing its Commander, when he died trying to lead a Raid against the San Antonio Resistance Headquarters.

Mexico City

The Mexico City Mother Ship Commander was killed in August 2005, by Sancho Padillia, Mexican Resistance Fighter. He was replaced by Gomez, his Second in Command.

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