Nathan Bates
Personal Information
Full Name

Nathan Kyle Bates


Los Angeles, California


1944 (MUSH TImeline)





Known Realatives

John Bates (Brother), Kyle Bates (Son), Jessica Bates (Wife, Dead), Parents (Dead)

Faction Information

Science Frontiers




Business Man, Politician, L.A. Provessional Government Head

Character Information
First Thematice Appearence

V: The Series (The MUSH)

Character Type


Pre-MUSH HistoryEdit

The father of Kyle Bates. It has been inferred that during the Final Battle, Nathan Bates’ Science Frontiers was key in the production of the Red Dust and the antidote. After the Final Battle, Nathan made certain that Science Frontiers took charge in learning what they could from the alien invasion, including dissecting the mothership, the conversion process, etc. He immediately hired former resistance leader Julie Parrish to be on his staff.

He also hired Ham Tyler’s security firm to help him fake Diana’s death, so that he could keep her prisoner and hopefully coerce her to work for him. She’d get to stay secretly alive, and Nathan would reap the benefit of the advancements.

After Diana escaped and the Visitors re-invaded Diana made it a point to attack Science Frontiers. Bates could have infused the air with Red Dust, but he had new studies that showed that the Red Dust did adversely affect the environment so he didn’t want to use it. It is never made clear if this was true or just a ploy Bates used to appear innocent. Bates used it as a negotiation ploy though with Diana in order to establish Los Angeles as an open city, where neither Visitor or Resistor could bear arms.

This proposal of Bates was mainly accepted negatively among the people, including Juliet Parrish, but Nathan explained that he was merely buying time until another toxin could be discovered.

Nathan was established as the governor of Los Angeles.

Not long after Diana used Nathan’s son Kyle as leverage to get Nathan to locate Elizabeth Maxwell, the Star Child. Nathan used any means necessary to find her, but Kyle escaped on his own, saving Nathan from having to worry about it, although he still wanted to find her.

IC HIstoryEdit

Nathan has tried Dating Julie, trading Resistance Members to the Visitors for Julie, and killing Resistance members to get Julie.... He's obsessed with her.

He was injured many times by the Resistance, first when they rescued Julie, Michael Donovan, and Heather O'Leary from his clutches, again when the Resistance captured him.

OOC InformationEdit

Obsessed with Julie. Obsessed with Power.

Character InformationEdit

Available for Application. Normally temped by Kadjem, when needed.